Conversations—A Mormon Channel Original

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Needs more fake stuff.
Please bring them back, they are fantastic.
This podcast helps me keep a happy perspective on my current stage in life. I am newly married, we are both students and struggling through it; this podcast helps me to understand that everyone I look up to has been through similar trials. I said, this podcast is faith strengthening! Enjoy!!
If you like a good Mormon echo chamber, this is the podcast for you. Mormons are allergic to critical viewpoints because it hurts their feelings (which is all they have going for them as far as "truth") so you won't hear any good discussions here. Skip this.
Leading questions, shameless pandering. Interesting people, though.
I really enjoyed these podcasts, especially the interviews with the Apostles.
I love this podcast, my very favorite one that the Mormon Channel puts out. I hope we get new episodes soon, but the old episodes aren't based on current news, so they don't get stale. I love them all, but my very very favorite one are the episodes witht he Apostles and their wives. AWESOME!
This podcast is wonderful!!! Every time I listen to it I get to hear candid words from my beloved leaders. I get to know who they are as people which makes conference even more enriching, (who would have thought that was possible?) I get to hear their thoughts and love stories and life experiences. It's uplifting and inspiring and interesting. This podcast is for everyone, not just Latter Day Saints. Listen to this great podcast and have a wonderful day!!
I love this program! It is so inspiring. Always my first choice on my iPod. I learn so much, feel the Spirit and desire to be a better person. Jenny
I agree with others...these are great and more would be even better! Thanks for bringing these to us!
These are amazing interviews. I learn something from every podcast. I wish there were more podcasts on a weekly basis...! Thanks!
Keep them coming it's great to get to know the apostles on a more personal level
I have listened to every one of these and many of them multiple times. Sister Dew and Sister Todd bring inspiring and spirit-filled points and concepts through their exceptional skills. There are powerful and true principles taught in these conversations.
I LOVE these! They are incredibly inspiring and it's so fun to get some personal insight into the lives of these great men and women!
Keep these coming. I feel like I am having the conversation with these remarkable individuals. Their faith and testimonies inspire me.
I love these conversations because I learn SO much about myself through the lives of these remarkable people. The last conversation took place in the first week of January of this year, but there have not been any since?? I miss them! Please put out another one soon!


By hedawe
I love these podcasts! The insights I have gained have been such a blessing to me and my husband. They are so interesting and fun to listen to. Keep them coming!!!
I absolutely love this podcast and the wonderful spirit it brings to my work day. Thank you so much for producing it!
Love these, especially from sister Dew. Ruth Todd is a little too dramatic and needs to be more patient, the guests are wonderful and sometimes Ruth just needs to let the person talk, don't put words in their mouth. Otherwise a wonderful series, please keep them coming. Bring back Sheri Dew!!!
Great series. Keep them coming!!!!
Thank you Sherri Dew for doing these podcasts. These provide a wonderful way of getting to know these leaders on a more personal level and understand how their lives were formed and influenced from long before any of us knew them. It is great listening to the women speak about how they particular found direction and strength during challenges in their lives. These are very highly recommended. My favorites up to this point are the ones with Elder and Sister Oaks and with Elder and Sister Ballard, though I haven't listened to them all - yet.
The only problems-they don't come out on a regular basis, and there aren't enough of them! I saw a picture of Elder and Sister Holland doing their interview back in February, and I am anxiously awaiting the release of that program!
I have really enjoyed listening to these conversations as a companion while running in the morning. Uplifting and spiritual! Surely these fall under the category of "virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy".
I listen to this "live" on my iPhone 3GS using the Mormon Chanell app. So great. So spiritual!!
These podcasts are terrific, well done, and carry with them the Spirit of the Lord. Great companion to and from work. These are helping me to be a better husband, father, and Priesthood holder.


A new conversation with Elder Ballard. These are such wonderful insights into the church. I cannot wait for Elder Holland!!!
I found these podcasts a few days ago, and have been recommending them to all my friends ever since. I have only listened to the discussions with the apostles at this point, but Sherri Dew does a tremendous job leading the discussions and allowing us to see a more personable/real side of these men who have been called of God. Every member of the church should listen to these great men and their wives!
Please keep 'em coming!
All of the podcast have been amazing. I love hearing about other peoples experiences. It helps me gain appreciation for all of my experiences. Hope to see a lot more podcasts from Mormon Conversations.
I have loved listening to each interview as I go to and from home. It is an enjoyable way to occupy that time.
Elder Bednar was president of BYU-Idaho while my wife and I were there. We loved having him and sister Bednar to teach and encourage us. I always thought he might be called as an Apostle.
Elder and Sister Bednar are so deliberate in their service and love. I loved hearing them talk about it. Sheri Dew is excellent. It's nice to see this first gem come out from the Conversations podcast so crisp and uplifting.