Reviews For Legacy—Great Stories from Church and Family History

Thank you for the great job you do
Great insights
These are interesting interviews! I have learned about people I didn't know before. Thanks to all who created and told their stories so I could have these events come to life!!
I can only conclude that the one-star reviewer is either listening to a different podcast, or is that person in priesthood meeting whose raised hand the instructor dreads. This is an excellent series. The Church has done a tremendous job of choosing and presenting fascinating but neglected events from our shared history. It really makes our legacy come alive.
I quit listening to this podcast when they started "debunking" things that Latter-Day apostles and prophets have declared as truth. I'll take thier word over yours, thank you very much...


By Arpears
Great podcasts
Wonderful job on these podcasts, the guests are very insightful and the host knows how to interview very well, he knows how to sit back and let the guest really talk! I have learned a lot and really enjoy each episode.
I have learned a lot from these. They are also entertaining!
I wish this was a lot more frequent as well. My wife would say that I am addicted. :)
The only reason I give this podcast 4 stars instead of 5 is because I wish it was weekly. My favorite is also about Emma, truely An Elect Lady!
I really love these podcasts and tell everyone I know about them. They have so much inthem that I never thought of like who lived in the smiths home after they left etc. An amazing insight into the lives of those we look up to.