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I have checked about dozen of Chinese learning podcasts. The most fun are this and Chinesepod. But this one is better structured and better ratio of Chinese/English talking during the show.
I love it!! I have never thought that learning Chinese could be so fun!


By eadsd
Even better than the imploded Chinese Pod
Trying to refresh my Chinese as haven't studied for quite some time. The program is well designed for all levels and very motivating!
As a beginner in Mandarin, this podcast has really become invaluable. Unlike others where you must hunt down a transcript, this one already includes one for iPod users. And it includes the traditional, simplified, English, and pingyin characters for those who are visual learners as pingyin really does help with pronouciation. The best part is that the lessons are actually entertaining and focus not only on the language but also the culture and characteristics China.
I'm totally hooked on this podcast! Not only are the podcasts educational, they're interesting and fun to listen to. I just wish they would generate more at much faster rate!
It doesn't take long to determine whether a language course is worthwhile. This one had me hooked from lesson 1.
This is the best I've heard podcast wise. I'm learning mandarin for my major and wanted a head start this summer. What I enjoy about this is that they don't speak English super slow and then Mandarin super quickly like some of the other podcasts I've downloaded. I enjoy how they speak at normal pace for both English and Mandarin. They also constantly repeat the Mandarin first at normal speed, then slowly then normal speed again. They also stress the tones a little more than a native chinese speaker would but it helps for those who have trouble identifying the tones since English isn't a tonal language. Five stars!! :)