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Overall a good podcast. The Australian guy is annoying, talks too much about himself, and won't let anyone else talk. But I think he's only on the Fwooshcast episodes.
Very few podcasts keep my attention, especially when they pass the 1+ hour mark. HJU often gets in the 2+ hour mark (and sometimes even longer!!!) but i have no problems paying attention as the core cast is generally entertaining and engaging. This is definitely one of the best, if not best podcast, for the budding TOKU fan.
You need an entire weekend to listen to just one podcast. Not that it isn't worth it. The menagerie of podcasting personalities are wonderful to listen to especially if you're into tokusatsu. They talk about most of the things I love. If you can survive their 3+ hours of podcast (half of that which is Geeking segments which is a podcast of its own accord), you'll love it. The only serious problem I have is the lack of listener participation.


By iDecade
I just love listening to this podcast. You guys are great and it's always amusing to hear your opinions on Kamen Rider and tokusatsu. I hope maybe you guys can do a podcast about Tiger & Bunny someday because it will be interesting. Also, without you guys I would have never explored my options on different shows I should try to. Great works guys. Ps: me and my best friend started out with Kabuto in our first year of high school and i loved it. My girlfriend started out with OOO and loved it :)
I love Igadevil and his knowledge of the Kamen Rider Series. I definitely recommend this podcast who are huge fans of the Kamen Rider Series or who love Tokusatsu as a whole. The remaining members, Keith and Vangelus is also awesome to hear as well and quite funny when Den-O is brought up in their conversation. Like Igadevil, I personally feel to this point in time that Kamen Rider OOO is my top #1 and my personal favorite of the Heisei Era. In regards to the Showa Era, my top #1 is Kamen Rider Black RX. Keep up the great work HJU!!!
This is a great podcast for fans of tokusatu. If you love Super Sentai and Kamen rider, then there is no better podcast than HJU.
HJU is the best
I listen to these guy all the time. Great show. Keep it up!


Love this podcast you are number 1!!!
Finally kamen rider and super sentai on I tunes. Keep up the good work kiva and kabuto all the way
Geek talk is very interesting but for sure, their personal opinions and review of Toku series/movies is very detailed & covers the material with hilarious comments. To Chad Bonin, Vange1us, IgaDevil, Mike Dent, J Dogg, TJ Omega and of course Keith Justice Hayward himself, I've been supporting you all since episode one. You guys all rock!! :D
Talking about all the things you love, HJU Radio brings great info about the things you love. Highly recommended
I'd say this is the GiantBombcast of the Toku fandom. Great job!
Finally Kamen rider on itunes. I love your podcasts please do more. P.S. Awesome intro fo Decade and Double.