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So, first I read a bunch of reviews below and noticed how many listeners are irritated by all the voice tics - uptalk, vocal fry, saying "like" and "sort of" and lots of other adolescent fillers. The thing is, when I was thinking of doing a review, my main point was going to be how much better it would be if they all could work on eliminating these vocal tics. I do want them to cut out all the filler words, and work on an even rhythm, and try for a more adult and authoritative sound. The reason is that the actual content of the show is quite good -- and on a very mature level -- which is obscured by these teenage talking styles. But now that I see so many others focused only on the sounds, I feel obliged to go the opposite direction, and praise their handling of the subject matter, which is intelligent, open minded, and entertaining. And yes, all this focus on the sounds of their voices is sexist! On the other hand, are there any men with podcasts who say, "like" and "an' stuff" and "sort of" as much as these women do? If there are, let me know and I'll criticize them, too! (And now I'm off to the review site for "The Gist" to write a long blistering piece Mike Pesca's annoying vocal mannerisms!)
There’s an A team and a B team on this podcast. Love the A team. Delete the B team. The B team conversations seem so lacking in planning and thoughtfulness that it’s painful to listen to. Add to that all the “likes” and “you knows” and it’s like, you know, too much to bear.
I loved Double X. After first listening through the Slate website for years, it was one the few podcasts I immediately subscribed to when I bought my first smartphone. I discovered the podcast in high school and still listened to it religiously until today as a grad student. I really can’t stand the changes to the show in the post-Waves rework. There are too many revolving hosts now—I’m really picky about the people I listen to because some voices just aren’t made for audio work (nor are people often as clever or insightful as they think they are)—and apparently Slate learned nothing from the Mom and Dad Are Fighting fiasco because unrelated podcasts are in the feed again. The topics don’t feel as biting or transgressive as they used to be either, a huge disappointment. I gave the Waves a honest a shot, but it’s rapidly becoming a waste of my time. Unsubscribed.
I love the premise of this show and the profiles. But some episodes disappoint in their shallowness. The McKinsey and Lean In episode drove me nuts. What about family leave? What about flex time? What about the fear around telling your employer you’re pregnant and the effect on your life?How much longer are we going to be asked to work like men? And asked to have ambition that fits a male paradigm? There are structural problems that are holding us back, and they should not be framed as “inclusive conversations.” What are the structural incentives companies are implementing to change culture that people actually take seriously? Please go deep and get tough. You’re interviewing women of privilege, it’s the least that can be done. Elephant in the room -anyone who has worked under a restructured company brokered by McKinsey has probably suffered the uncertainty and nasty politics that come with a company “changing” for “efficiency” sake and women are often first on the line to go.
I was worried when the format changed and new folks were introduced. It has actually made the show better. I look forward to every episode.
I love this show so much, smart ladies, good topics, really open minded discussions. I still only really get excited for Noreen, June and Hannah every other week but I’m sure the other hosts will grow on me.


As a long-time listner, I finally have to unsubscribe. The rotating hosts are just unbearable. I don't hate change or resist new voices - they're just NOT. GOOD.
This show has improved by bringing Dahlia Lithwick, Christina Cauterucci, and others over from better podcasts. Noreen Malone never seems to have any background on the issues—why is she still on this show?
When the podcast became The Waves, it became less a podcast about society and politics from a feminine perspective and much more a sharp stick wielded by trendy young feminists. I keep listening, hoping for a glimpse of the old spark, but now frequently FF through segments.
I could listen to Christina Cauterucci talk about ice cream for hours and hours. Also, this podcast is great.
I love Slate podcasts! I subscribe to almost all. I had high hopes for a feminist podcast from Slate, yet week after week I have to turn The Waves off in utter irritation. Too many head counts for women and people of color in pop culture! There are so many other important things women are doing in the real world. The movie reviews are sophomoric beyond bearing. Perhaps the hosts could talk about recent books, articles, scientific studies, legislation, court cases, and political races where people of color and women are impacted and/or agents (instead of actors) Sorry—I really enjoy Slate podcasts, but I’m finally hitting the “remove” button on this tedious and disappointing show. It really needs an educated adult in the room.
Have been listening to Double X for years and maybe its just that change is hard. Still listening to the episodes with Hannah and June and Noreen, but can't get into the others. I've tried, and now just find myself deleting them from my feed.
The quality of this podcast seems to suffered along with its name change. Disappointed since this was my absolute favorite. Has the lineup of panelists changed? The sharp insightful observations seem less so.
I've been listening to the Double-X/Waves podcast for years, and it just keeps getting better. Some weeks, when the list of subjects is announced, I've though, "Nah, nothing there that's going to interest me," but I've learned to be surprised by the intelligent twists these conversations take. Well worth the listen.
Varied guests and thoughtful commentary.


Have been listening for years. Occasionally there is a gem, but mostly, I find the discussion to be pretty narrow, self-centric, and predictable. Case in point, when discussing David Bowie, it was all LGBTQ to the apparent exclusion of any other reason Bowie was a much loved musician. (hint, many of us liked Bowie because his music was good, very good. And note, that I do not have any issues with a discussion from an LGBTQ perspective.) I get that it's a women's show, but it is almost an exclusively single perspective show. Time to unsubscribe to "The Waves", really? "The Waves"
I listened to 10 minutes of this podcast before having a visceral reaction to it. The hosts high and mighty, I’m smarter than you attitude defeated the purpose of a show discussing feminism and gender equality. They are not funny, entertaining, or interesting. Just another group of women being catty and attacking others.
But I miss the old hosts, partly because they were closer to my age group. Do all young women use up speak these days? The content of the discussions were thoughtful and smart but have any of these women given birth? I have seen both Ali Wong’s specials and found them hilarious with nuggets of truth and insight not expressed so overtly before. I took exception to the discussion on The Waves especially about the grossness of breastfeeding and how pregnancy “ruins the body”. Neither is true for most women. There is a need for a more mature approach (unless you are doing hyperbole for laughs comedy show). Otherwise the podcast segments were informative and thoughtful. I don’t think I’ll be as avid a fan as I was of double x and I think the new name is meh.
Equalism Gabfest Please invite trans and non binary folks to participate. You need more diverse view points.
Based on the episode I listened to, they certainly don’t listen to stuff they try and tear down. I’m not down with listening to women tear down other women based on how they speak. And they seem to think that if you like something they don’t, you’re a lower form of life.
There are a lot of pop culture podcasts out there to choose from that are much better researched with hosts who don’t resort to snarky insults when they don’t understand something. Listen to one of those instead.
“Like,” while I “like” (you know) enjoy the “like” content of your show, (you know), it’s really “like” difficult to “like” enjoy listening to “like” adults who “like” insist on speaking (you know) “like” 12-year-olds..... (You know)? Update (5-18) Just listened to the “Bad Men” podcast.... A). A General Quote: “Charlie Rose is 76 and he’s not that good....” For the record, I’ve never been a Charlie Rose fan, but why is his age a factor? Doesn’t that comment border on age discrimination? You have announced that you are changing the name of your show to make it more inclusive, but isn’t it hypocritical to make Charlie Rose’s age an issue? B). Whew.... 16 minutes and 26 “likes.....” And to think that a segment of the US population would subconsciously deduct 10 points from my IQ simply because I’m from the rural south.
These gals are the highlight of my commute. It’s like a conversation with three smart, honest friends, with a feminist twist on current events and cultural issues. They all have a great sense of humor, and there is great diversity on the show.
The intelligent and deep conversation brings me back again and again. They explore timely topics and provide valuable insight. I come away enlightened. This podcast is like having some very smart women over for dinner and enjoying every minute.
I love listening to these intelligent, thought-provoking discussions on current events. The women are smart, articulate and fun- and many of the recommendations at the end of the show have expanded my horizons in wonderful ways! My friends and I text each other when a new show is posted, so we can listen and discuss at lunch the next day. Smart and fabulous women, interesting topics- keep the shows coming!!!
There is a certain point of view that reappears week after week. It grows less interesting the longer I listen. In each hour there is about 10 to 15 minutes that I find useful. I find the scoring of a thing as sexist or not on a scale of 0 to 10 as pretty dumb.
I look forward to this show when it comes out every other week. Fun and sometimes pretty informative too.
My ONLY complaint is that it is only every other week. There is so much going on right now that this feels necessary weekly; dealing with almost every accustaion. We're in a revolution and these are 3 of the voices I turn to. Thank you, Hana, June and Noreen!
It’s more accurate to say this is a podcast for white women. They don’t include any people who aren’t white, even as guest host which really narrows the conversation.
Even if I don't always agree, it's a must-listen.
A coffee-break style conversation about our society and political. Very enjoyable.
I love hearing their thoughts on societal goings-on.
Yes please!! !! You ladies make the monotony of jogging worth it sometimes i laugh sometimes im enraged but a lot of educated intelligent discussion happening here and you always force me to think about the cray world that we're enveloped in xo
I always enjoy this podcast, but this week especially, the discussion about sexual harassment problems at the New Republic, with former editor Franklin Foer, is not to be missed. Hannah, Noreen and June are cordial and respectful but really hold Mr Foer to account.
I listen to many podcasts but this is the one I find myself awaiting with most excitement. A funny, count-intuitive take on politics, culture, and whatever is in the news at the moment.
Thank you for the ever-interesting and nuanced thoughts and analysis on issues that affect women. The last episode on sexism at The New Republic was riveting and unlike anything I’ve heard or read to date on the sexual harassment scandals in the news. It was real and raw and I very much appreciate it.
I love hearing these conversations. I particularly love hearing women disagree based on their personal experiences. That is something that is lost in every media setting where the 1 woman present is expected to speak for all women. I am annoyed that so many reviews of are only about voice and word choice. Acck.
Keeps me connected to issues of note by and for women twice a month
Thought provoking topics and discussions. Entertaining.
I always learn something new and think the hosts are witty and funny 🙂
Really like the show.
I wish this podcast was weekly. I love listening to June, Noreen, and Hannah discuss important issues of the day as they pertain to women. They have a great comradery, and they choose interesting topics. It's more important now than ever to have a place that takes feminism seriously. They also make me laugh.
I love this show. Been listening since 2013.