Yoshitoshi Radio - Presented By SHARAM

Reviews For Yoshitoshi Radio - Presented By SHARAM

Class selections finely mixed every time. Keep em comin Sharam 😎
Absolute Fire! Thank you DJ Sharam for bringing joy to the cubicle life!
Increíbles Podcasts como siempre nos tiene acostumbrados Sharam! Para mí son más de 20 años que sigo a este artista! Keep doing it!!!
Superlatives are lacking. Mind bending music from one of the greats. Thank you.


Just top notch house. Gets me to the gym and keeps me there.
What more can I say, "It's Sharam!"
Sharam never lets the fans down!!!Each podcast is better than the last.Keep it up!
Nice to have Sharam to DJ each time I have a party... Just throw on the wildcast... Couldn't be better.
You make me feel the beat !!!!
Sharam Is one of the most talented DJ's on the planet...... period. It's a gift to my ears each time I get a new podcast Thank you Sharam
Keep it coming.


By Dwane_d
The WOW factor in these podcasts is soooo up high!!! Keep it up Sharam!!!
Honestly, I subscribe to many of the progressive/tech/house podcast, but yours is my most anticipated. Can't wait to see you again here in San Francisco.. SUBSCRIBE NOW HEADS!!!
I'm wondering why I can't access iTunes store recently to listen to sharam podcast. I can listen to oakenfold podcast, but try to listen to sharam and cannot access iTunes store appears when I click on any charm date
Sharam is one of the best dj at this moment and his podcast is probably the best!
Great mix. Perfect for a house or pool party.
Thanks sharam for giving us these mixes.
-Russell Peters
Great podcast!. Huge fan! Defenetly one of the best electronic music podcast there is!!!
Sharam has done it again and again! Great mixes great music! Never fails. Free podcast! People need appreciate his mixes.
Yes it is free hours of one of the best sets of housemusic from Sharam's podcasts Thank you due. This is the same guy from the dual Deep Dish, he comes out with a strong sets of new music each time, that's why if I want to know whats out there well this is the podcast that has it all fresh music.