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I am a WordPress, Facebook & new media strategy coach, and while I certainly have a lot more experience than my independent business clients, I have never found a theme tutorial that made me feel as if I could build my own WP theme from scratch - until now. I highly recommend Ryan's approach to this complex subject: his thorough explanation of the relationships between the building blocks, gentle, non-arrogant style of teaching and 'of course you can do it' attitude are exactly what I needed. If your tutorials aren't already on they should be: get in touch with Michael Pick over there and let him see these reviews. thanks again! Terri


By M_eroc
Thanks Rayan! I tried to put together a content management site by taking apart a theme and reassembling it, but this is definitely the way to go if you're new to WordPress. He explains just the right amount of depth to understand the simple basics.
The most comprehensive, step by step guide to building a Wordpress site I was able to find after weeks of looking. It is very clear, but also fun and entertaining. Thank you Rayan for this great podcast!
I've read a ton of WordPress tutorials for getting a custom theme design working within the WP framework and these tutorials are the best I've seen. They really break it down in chunks that are easy to follow and digest. If you take the time to do these tutorials you'll have the basics down. I know they worked great for me...
If you are new to wordpress and would like to make a custom theme with an existing website html /css – I highly recommend this Ryan’s tutorial. He does an outstanding job of showing you how to make a custom theme from start to finish. Thank you Ryan!!
To start, I think a thank you is in order. I've spent many hours trying to figure out how to start my own website and I'm quite thankful to have found Ryan's podcast. I cautiously sat through the first episode with high hopes for a legit resource and Ryan definitely delivers. Immediately after I pressed subscribe. However, throughout the course of his updates I've grown to appreciate many things about his podcast. Firstly, his teaching style: He's not afraid to make a mistake. This is not to say that he makes too many of them, but when he does, he turns it into a learning experience. Which, to me is more valuable than watching someone do EVERYTHING right. Secondly, he leaves no stone unturned. By this I mean that he takes the time to explain exactly what he's doing: Defining terms and explaining how different portions of code relate to each other. I could keep going with my praise for his podcast but I'll just sum this up by saying: If you're a beginner at web-design, this podcast is an absolute must. Great job Ryan, you're the man!