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Pretty good I'd say!
This was hilarious. Billie made me laugh so hard. "She doesn't even know what the hell she's talking about!" I also love how they answer questions. They go:
I wanna hear "yknows"!!! But it won't download
The two videos tht I downloaded worked awsome and its awsome seeing them joke around on the podcast 5/5 green day is awsome ;)
I luv Green Day but this vid dont work. Plzzzzz fix it!


By Jona208
How many of you guys lost count of how many times bj said "Ya kno"?
Love Green Day :x :x
GrEeN DaY Is AwSoMe


I think u guys rock and I hope u can come back to georgia again I missed the concert in august this year
I absolutely loooooove Green Day but I would love to see the video working on my iPod Touch. At least it works on my l
it was good it doesnt play on my ipod touch..actually it doesnt go on my ipod at all...its called a PODcast for a reason


By lol927
Lol, Green Day rocks and are sooo funny. OMG, it would be so hilarious if BJ did have a reality TV show! Wonder if that gum was ever found... lol. Rock On Green Day! The only thing is that it's sometimes hard to hear what the guys are saying without cranking up your volume, but other than that-this podcast rocks.
I love Green Day ever since Dookie came out doesn't work on the iPod generation2 it says it can't fit the movies format!!! I am pissed can iTunes fix that plzzzzzzzz!!!! Thank you Green Day mi love!
Green day is amazing, and this podcast reflects that amazingness! Billy Joe is Beautifull-if u love him, subscribe to this! (i did and i love it...)
there amazing! and billie joe ish smexxiay lolz. <3
Doesn't work on the most up-to-date iPod Touch.
this is the only podcast i have and i love it, when is the new epidsode coming though?


The one that wasn't video was great but the video says format not supported... Help?
Hey yal I listened to the first podcast it rocked Billie is sooo cute but why it say dusnt support?? Is it cuz Id hav the iPhone? Can someone help me thx so muchh peace!
this podcast is great for any green day fan. You should definitly get it.
BIllie Joe put his gum under the table in the 1st 5 mins of the video! Must SEE!!!!
I loved it, it was good so if u love green day i would get it
If your a Green Day Fan, you should definatly subscribe to this podcast.