Call of the Herald

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Call of the Herald has a great storyline and a number of arcs that leave the listener guessing and wanting to find out what happens next.. Rathbone creates a vivid world, allowing the imagination to take over. I highly recommend this book.
Very entertaining
You know the first episode I tried twice and had a hard time staying with but...... Now I really like the story and the reading is fine. I'm 1/2 way through and love it and DL the next two in the sires I'm a podaholic so need next fix


By m34me
It wasn't that bad. I have heard way worse. This is worth a listen.


By Liam05
I loved this book ! Well written, Well Read ! If you are into podiobooks this is a must listen ... If you enjoy Nathan Lowell or Abigail Hilton you'll love this ! Can't wait to listen to the rest of the series
Growing up there was one book I would read over and over again as a child. It was The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. It remained on the very top of my favorite list for over 20 years. I have read close to 2000 books in my time and nothing ever came close to knocking that book from the top of the list as number 1. Now all three books from The Dawning of Power trilogy have done what no other book could. This trilogy is now my number 1. I love the story. It enraptured me, enthralled, and wrapped me into its excellently woven story. This trilogy is an instant classic. Listen to it and fall in love as I did.
I can't comment on the story because I really couldn't even make it past the first few minutes of his terribly flat voice that kept carrying the syllables out soooo loooong that I couldn't take it. And I've listened to some badly read podiobooks before.
Read good reviews on this book but I couldn't take the reading. I tried to ignore it but was impossible for Me. Can't comment on the story.
This is the start of a great trilogy. Well written, and beautifully read. Some authors paint a picture in your mind as they read the story, this one builds a whole world.
I thought it was a good book. I just downloaded the next one. Brian's reading is a bit rough but if you can get past that it's a good book.
get past the weird music and the first chapter or so to discover a fantastic book one of a triolgy. The story drags you in..and you care about the characters, about the various lands, their hardships--must read all three books!
The story could be good. I wouldn't know becuase the guys voice is so flat and boring that I didn't get past the first chapter. I've listened to many podiobooks and I've never heard someone read with such little emotion. Blah.....
Brain Rathbone's trilogy, The Dawning of Power, starts with the engrossing Book One, Call of the Herald. Through Brian's books we watch the maturing of a young girl and her involvement in a major war. His descriptions of the children in the book are drawn from those we all know, starting with them as normal young ones, playing jokes on each other and those who they consider pests, or enemies. We soon move into a scene of revenge, one of Catrine's friends is being beaten and when she steps in to help, a power is thrust from her that caused great damage to the boys who tried to kill her and her friend. From there, we moved to an invasion of her country, the rush to escape of Catrine and her friends, all because her townspeople believed she was a witch and the invading troops believed her a woman with powers strong enough and the will to destroy their culture. Whew. I was completely drawn into Brian's story. The characters were real people with honest feelings. The scenes are set so that I felt as if I standing next to the action. I was watching friends work together to escape from first one danger and then another. Each escape brought knowledge that helped the boys learn what they needed to grow stronger and help Catrine then, and we know now, in the future. She will have need of them as she searches for the reason she was given the powers and the knowledge of how to use them. Call of the Herald ends and we, as readers/listeners, are left wanting to rush into the next book to find out what happened to those we now consider our friends. Exactly what Brian Rathbone was looking for. Good job! I rate this book a five star listen.
Great story, well read, and great audio quality!