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Ryan Merkley is so freaking obnoxious to listen too. I love birdman dood but the podcasts are unlistenable whenever Ryan brings his boring low energy to the podcast. Hes so shallow and condescending about everything he discusses, whether its bashing Call of Duty (despite not playing it in years) or his predictable smark views on wrestling.
Great interviews with the guys at Star Joes and What's on Joe Mind! They are two of my favorite podcasts and I really enjoyed listening to both parties in the interview chairs. I found GCRN through both shows as well and look forward to going back and checking out earlier episodes.
Started listening to this recently with their top 100 Animated Movie countdown. That project is amazing and I have loved every episode. Currently going back and listening to the archives as well. I just wish there were more episodes and it was as consistent as it has been recently. Other than that an great deal of fun listening to this podcast.
What can be said about GCR that hasn't already been said? Just the range of topics covered here alone...I mean, there's gonna something here for everyone, even if it's only just a few episodes you like, or the whole nine yards. Either way, you will be entertained, and the hosts are just awesome. Heck, they're more entertaining than most "professional" talk show hosts. So if you are a geek (admit it, you are one), then come on over and unleash it by listening to this podcast! You won't be dissapointed! PS: My personal favorite is the Top 100 Animated Series multi-parter.
Great listen, as usual (but you already knew that), loved your 100 Animation list (Little Dissapointed, that Goof Troop, The Littles, Hulk Hogan's Rock and Wrestling, and 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo didn't make the list (The Best Scooby Doo ever, Hey Vincent Price was in it). Loved The Fantasy Vs. reality Rant, love the Bully must be stopped cast and the death of cartoon network…Moment of Silence…Ok and now I'm going to chill and hear their much anticipated Batman cast. For those who are new to GeekCast Radio they also host a Podcast called Legends of The Dark Knight, where they're discussing Batman The Animated Series. I know it's hard to get a hand on it, but I wonder if they'll ever do a separate cast on the Batman 1966 T.V. show. This cast is a great listen because it is a potpourri of pop culture. I can't wait to hear the Masters of The Universe podcast they have lined up, A+++ all around.
GeekCast Radio is the flagship the Geekcast Radio network. It covers a large variety of topics all of which any geek would greatly appreciate. Great mixture of info, fun, and a downright good time. They are certainly know how to “Unleash the Geek” in a variety of ways. Great Work!
This is basically one guy with different co-hosts covering every geek topic out there. It's fun sometimes. Alot of the time the host seems barely knowledgeable on the subjects and often cites a lack of time to really watch/research the shows/topics he's discussing as he has so many podcasts to watch stuff for. He should really pick one topic he loves and make a podcast. Trying to make a network out of poorly researched shows with no coherent publishing schedule is just pretty pointless.
I became aware of this podcast after listening to TWIG and quickly became a fan. I started with the top 100 Animated Series of All Time and was impressed with the work they put into it. While some will argue with the order, I felt it was pretty fair. Plus they were very open to criticism and did attempt to combine a multitude of opinions. More importantly the discussion was great. Which is true for all episodes not just the Top 100. They really do their research on whatever topic they are covering, and they cover a wide variety of topics that I really find interesting. I honestly believe they are attempting to something no one else is. With the amount of podcasts the network puts out it’s hard not to feel impressed. If you enjoy nostalgia or anything geek you need to listen to this podcast and all the podcasts in the network.
A great podcast just like all the others. It's nice to listen to people who truly have a passion for what they talk about and who don't try to be so PC with it.
In my opinion, episodes 20 to 25.5 are EPIC!!! In response to IGN's top 100 Top Animated Series of All time list, the Geekcast Radio podcast tackles the subject too. However instead of just posting a list on their website, the Geekcast Radio team produces a podcast which spans from episodes 20 to 25.5. And if that isn't enough, the Geekcast staff invites other well known geek podcasters to weigh in on the debate. I consider these episodes to be equilvalent to the X-MEN...DARK PHOENIX SAGA of geek podcasts. EXCELLENT JOB!!!
The GCRN has a large selection of podcasts covering all kinds of fun, geeky crap. This is the flagship title, but if you like this, give one of their more topic-specific shows a try. Toycast, toon cast, movie week in review, there is something for everyone! -godspeed-
I dig the things these guys are into and like to hear them bounce their takes off of each other. Don't agree w/ all they're saying at all, but it is fun to listen to them banter.