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I listend to a ton of movie podcasts. Time to time I try to listen to new ones. I give them a few episodes and see if it will be something I'll stay with. After the first episode of MWIRE Weekly I knew it would be on my much listen to each week. Love the combo of news and reviews. And those hosts have awesome insights into the world of movies. Their review of 12 Years of Slave was one of my favorites barn none. If you haven't check this out make sure you do.
MWIRE Weekly is what got me into Geekcast Radio and I am so glad it did. The entire network is an impressive hub of everything geek. Being an avid movie fan the first thing I listened to was MWIRE Weekly. Its so hard to keep up with everything going on in the movie world and MWIRE Weekly does the job for you. Its great how they combine both a movie review and news show, and they always keep the fans engaged. There have only been a few episodes so far but each week its getter better and better, and now they are even bringing in special guets which I love. I have also listened to past episodes as well that are just as good, but they mostly focus just on one movie and do a full review. The preview episodes are also top notch. All in all it has anything any movie fan could ever want. Old, new, news, and reviews!
Really fun podcast and the guys that run it are awesome. I'd highly recommend this show.
Heard about this through the message boards on The Lamb. I have gone through some of the recent episodes so far and I enjoy it a great deal. A great overview of what is going on in movies. The sound quality is pretty good for the most part. Not the best, but I have heard much much worse.
I have listened to GCRN for a long time, and I realized it is about time I give them some love. MWIRE is great if you love old or new movies. They have certain episodes where they pick a movie and do a full review and recently they have been doing newer stuff with news and such. My favorite things they have done so far are the Marvel movies and James Bond stuff. I love that they cover everything from old to new.
I have listen to many of the Geekcast Radio podcasts, and MWIRE was one I would catch from time to time. Mostly when they would review a movie I enjoy. Lately though I have love the new way they are doing it. With a look at more current stuff including new movies and reviews. The hosts appear more knowledgable and have similar taste to me. What once was a podcast I'd catch from time to time is now one I try to catch every week.
I have listend to MWIRE for a few years now, but I find myself liking it now more than ever. The new format sees a bigger discussion on current movies and news. Its my one stop shop for everything movies. I really hope they keep it up because its getting better and better.
Yet another great podcast by the geniuses at GCR. The superhero spotlights are my personal favorites, especially the Superman ones right now. In all honesty, I think Superman Returns has gotten bashed unnecessarily even to this day. I mean, the conflict in the movie was more of internal/emotional one, as opposed to just stopping the proverbial villain of the day. Plus, had Singer been allowed to do a sequel, the Brainiac storyline would've been very entertaining and more action-oriented, along with having Kal-El/Clark Kent find his groove again completely, and we would have finally seen a resolution with the whole Clark/Lois/Richard issue. But hey, that's life. In all guys, keep up the awesome work, and I do hope you get around to covering the Bayformer films at some point, if for no other reason than to hear TFG1 Mike curse out Michael Bay, which I highly encourage. PS: If I have to choose between Superman Returns and Joel Schumacher's Batman and Robin, I'll take SR any day of the week.
Great podcast that covers a huge amount of movies from retro favorites to today's hits, continues to get better especially with new hosts like Movie Revolt and Booth ninja. Would love to see more episodes of current movies but overall fantastic
Hey guys i love the podcast... the episodes rock... the movies rock... the hosts... well rock... i have one request, you should do a top 100 movie list like AFI 100... i would so submit a list... however keep it up and keep watching movie
Better than Siskel and Ebert they'll even go to an old school Flick nothing is off limits. Love their old school 80's reviews. And loved the DC spotlight eps.
You guys are really funny and I enjoy hearing your opinions on either some really great movies or some really dumb and horrible movies and how you all get frustrated with the bad movies in some series. Thanks for making this, you guys are awesome. Just finished the fantastic four episode and a sum 41 b side track was in rise of the silver surfer and just freaked out. I enjoy this and keep on keeping on.
A Podcast that covers a large variety of different films. Fun podcast that is a joy to listen to.


I love tooncast so I checked this out. Tooncast is full of info and fun. Mwire is full of the host saying "I like that because it was cool"
I would not rate this the best podcast for movies ever but being that it is a by the fans show it is better than standard critics. The wikipedia reads are true of the show in the beginning but as it goes they stray farther away from it. After Episode 80 the format is supposed to change so it should be a much better show after which. Still a good show to check out.


By Joncben
If you enjoy listening to nerds read off of wikipedia, this is the podcast for you.
MWIRE is a great podcast examininging movies from yesturyear and being totally honest of there thoughts of what they're reviewing. if only roger and ebert were as funny as these guys i would have watched that show then to listen to this podcast. I highly recommend this podcast and it's a must have when you're on the road or advoiding drama at the workplace. get it