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Are you guys ever coming back
This is a funny podcast. However, they spew a lot of fanboy drivel. They can do better.
This podcast is the greatest out there for true news on gaming and to anyone thinking they're bashing the 360, they are not, just telling the truth on the whole matter. If you wanna listen to a real gaming podcast, GOS is it!
Can u talk any slower? This podcast is pathetic. U rarely make a valid point.
A PS3 fan Y'all sound like a bunch of faggs


I don't mind that the hosts are ps3 fanboys but I do mind that they just bash anything that is not the ps3.
Keep up the good job guys, great podcast. Cannot recommend it enough.
it's too bad they spend the whole podcast bashing Xbox or it would be good.
This is one of the best video game podcast on the net right now . They give you your weekly infotainment , funny as hell from tru gamers . They keep it real no gotsha podcasts :-)
This is Rubdog (psn ID) get at me online. These cats podcast are very informative and real, and funny as hell. Word up DCI, WorseCase, lex, Blade keep it going. Oh keep up the infotainment... To all the haters step yo game up
The fellaz on this Podcast are extremely funny. They are very informative and keep it real! I was listening to your latest Podcast and I did my part! Holla at me! my PSN = DigitalProduct Keep up the great work and I would like to be apart of your podcast one day. I think you guys just need a crazy Latino lol take care fellaz!
Blade and friends really know how to put on a good show about video games. One of the best podcast on the net. You should also check out the warzone. 1 yourself
If you don't take games and gaming news too seriously, and you have a sense of humor, then you should check these guys out. They say what they feel regardless of whether it's controversial or not. Probably the best gaming podcast out right now.
Best gaming podcast on itunes, plus I just got in the MAG beta from listening
I like that these guys don't sound like the stereotypical gamers. They have a dope site with all kinds of things video game and non-video game related. 5 Stars!
This podcast is hilarious. Blade and his crew will have you" laughing out loud" throughtout the show. This is quickly becoming my favorite gaming podcast, but be prepared for some serious Xbox/Microsoft bashing. Blade claims it the best podcast on the net, and he just might be right. Keep it up fellas, PS3 rules!!!