Reviews For Two Guys named Joe - The DiSano & Munem report

If you want to know about the real Michigan politics, listen to Two Guys Named Joe!
Finally a podcast about Michigan politics that actually has a clue about what's going on. I'm so tired of hearing from DC based folks who think they know about Michigan politics when they just repeat what they read on blogs. I like their style of having strong, straight forward opinions and views without getting into the name calling/screeching that other podcasts get wrapped up in. If you care about Michigan politics you should subscribe to this podcast.
Simply the best political commentary in the State of Michigan! Joe DiSano and Joe Munem are two of the most well known political consultants in the state with a combined 40 years of experience consulting on some of the hottest and most contested races in the State. In one corner you have Joe Disano a Democrat and in the other Joe Munem a Republican but combined they deliver; lively, upbeat, relevant and hard hitting commentary on what’s really going on the State and the Nation. If you’re like me and want the unbiased facts and none of the nonsense this podcast is a must have!