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Various guests & topics Haven’t missed a show in 5 yrs!


By Loskats
I tune in to listen to the up to date information on what’s going on behind the curtains
Beverlyd has some of the best shows and interesting and informative guests.
I never commit on the podcast I listen to. However I find this so enriching and provides as a tool for a host of resources to help gain knowledge.
I have been searching for a talk show like this for a very long time.I recently cancelled my satellite service.Had I known about this show I would have never thought about satellite radio.
Robert X......
Good show and I enjoyed listening to Professor Williams. However, if the belief in Jesus can help people deal with life, provide them w/hope, encouragement...etc.....what's the harm?
Shows opens my 3 eyes to new horizons. Very informative and different from the regular medium.
BevD always has interesting topics and guest. I never miss it!!