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By 870sbs
Kibbe and the crew pour a ton of effort into the podcast and it shows. Well worth listening to if you like cars and intelligent commentary.
I really enjoy listening to this show. there is a lot of car talk and I appreciate all of the inspirational things that come from a automotive podcast.
Down to earth, humble, knowledgeable guy, and a Christian!
Great content and great audio. I
Ounce again Rob nails another great show. With his guest Rob talking about Planes Trains and Automobiles!! Well everything but trains.... it was interesting to into the world of aviation.
Great Podcast on all things car related from business to daily life. If your interested in anything automotive related then you can’t go wrong here. Interviews with some of the top people in the automotive industry.


Best podcast for muscle cars in the world!
Thanks Rob! Enjoy the show.
Awesome host, interesting guests, and useful information. Also a clean family friendly environment all adds up to a great listening experience!
Hands down one of the best podcasts available for download. If you like cars, especially muscle cars, do not hesitate to download and listen. Once you are hooked, subscribe and repeat. Kudos Rob!
Great pod cast. Always has awesome guests. Also check out the Kibbie and Finnegan show.
love the show, always interesting
Awesome podcast. Enjoy hearing all the talk about cars and different people in the industry. When's t-shirts or stickers coming out?? Keep it up!
I absolutely love this show! It's very informative and a great listen for anyone into cars.
Great podcast. Great interviews.
great show lots of good info allround fun to listen to
What can I say that hasn’t already been said. Its a great show, put on by a great guy and a great producer. There is always an interesting gear head guest that bring plenty of humor and some good industry insight. I look forward to the new episodes each week and will often listen to old episodes in between the new one. Keep up the great work Rob, Bernie, and the entire Musclecar place family!! Thanks for doing what you do!
This show is exactly what I had been looking for. I've been into cars for a while and after following finnegan to the kibbe and finnegan show, that led me to here. If you're into cars, automotive things, and a good hearted guy sharing his passion this podcast will suit your needs very very well. Thanks Robert!
I've been a listener for several years and never fail to enjoy Rob's commentaries and interviews about cars and components. If you like muscle cars, hot rods, or have an interest in building or tuning for performance then this program is for you.
Great podcast for car lovers.
Great information, topics, and guest. Keep up the great work!!!!
My favorite podcast. Love the interviews of famous persons. The ongoing Chevelle updates has been very interesting.
Great show and love the format. Keep up the great work!
Found this app after cutting the cord on cable tv. If you love cars check out this and the other podcast under the musclecar place network.
Rob, keep up the great show. I love the show and will continue listening but your speech pattern of incorporating a nervous laugh at the end of about every 3 sentences is getting a little old. Stay more on the serious side, it's much more enjoyable and professional John McCarthy Crystal Lake, IL
Rob is a great host! He's passionate, fun, knowledgeable, and generous with his knowledge. It's easy to see why The MuscleCar Place has grown such a huge following!
This is probably the best podcast of its kind on iTunes. Good mix of technical and human content. Rob is very good host and definitely has a good brand in the making. An easy recommendation. My only criticism: is the show's presumption of a Christian audience-base. While I have no issue with religion (Christianity could use more men like Rob) I feel that the notion of muscle car hobby being a "Budweiser, Bible and Burger" culture is inherently inaccurate and will ultimately limit the survival of this hobby in a modern context. That said, please consider this as your audience grows and moves further away from the center of your original base. This expansion is a good problem, just want the show to be prepared for it. Thanks! Owner 1969 Camaro Yenko Tribute. Enthusiast 25+ years.
Great Podcast! Super interviews and Genuine Car Guy with a great Heart. Keep it up Rob!
Rob, your show is great. I listen whenever I take a road trip. You make the miles pass quickly. I have purchased parts from npd, Steele rubber, and legendary interiors all because of your show. Keep up the good work. Larry
Well put together show! Nice job.
I enjoy your stories about you and your Dad, reminds me of all the time I spent learning about cars from My Dad. Our tast was a little different, I liked Muscle Cars and he likes Lead Sleds, but we both liked to work on cars.
Been listening for a couple of months (actually found the show from cars for a living), and it brings excitement to my day. Thank you Rob for putting out such a great show to listen to.


I just heard this show and absolutely love it. It's simply inspiring and a good listen for car guys.
Car people are just good people... This podcast is a community of those "Good People" to gather. Our hobby is a passion and Rob truly directs that passion well with this podcast. Thanks Rob for the Motivation!
Rob does a great job with the podcast and always has great guests from many parts of the industry!
Great stuff.I will support Muscle Express. Entertaining and interesting. I felt like I was part if the conversation. A couple of real guys talking, not bragging about their passion and profession. I'll be looking forward to the Cars for a Living interview with Danny. Thanks guys.


Great podcast.
love how he doesn't just go on and on, just the fact that he has interviews and questions that the listeners can answer, and he raffles of gift certificates. personally I love mustangs, all of them since 64 all through 2013
Garage talk for car guys
Love the show. I find myself listening to most of them while working away in my garage. Keep up the great work.
Way to go Rob! Just keep doing what you're doing cause it's working!
glad to see this a show that's intended to be a real podcast and not a rebroadcast of a radio show. awesome.
There is no doubt that this is one of the best podcasts or even protouring coverage and news you will find on the net.
Love the passion, check out the pro touring podcast if you like this one.
This is a great podcast to listen to while wrenching on your favorite car or if you just need encouragement to follow your dreams.
Good podcast for musclecar fans
Robert Kibbe and his team delivery an entertaining, informative weekly podcast for those of us who love 60's and 70's American muscle. If you are looking for something to listen to during your daily commute, to learn more about muscle cars, or to just pass the time, look no further. Keep up the great work, guys!!
Great podcast with a lot of good information and a host that can keep you listening. Rob's knowledge and passion for muscle cars has you wanting to leave work or whatever you are doing and go drive your car. How about some more detailed information or steps needed to convert your car with some pro-touring hardware?