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Wow!!!!!! Amazing speaker, listen to this at work with my earbud and on the verge of tearing up at work!!!!!! Willie L Hilo Hawaii 12/25/97
I absolutely love listening to these leads, the content is great. Only 3 starts bc I would really love some newer content with better audio. Is newer content ever added?


By SluMac
Quality of the audio needs help. Can’t hear most of these due to muffled or low level mic.
In order to quit drugs I changed all those people, places and things that encouraged my addictions to flourish. I moved my dog and myself out of California to a very small, rural town in the Southern Oregon Cascades. There are no meetings here and I don’t drive and really don’t know anybody who does and would be willing to attend a meeting 40 miles away from home. This show IS my recovery. Please, keep going. It’s wonderful to be clean.
Keeps me going!!!
This podcast used to stream mostly AA speakers, now it is mostly Al-Anon speakers.
All I do for work is drive, and being able to hear a speaker is day changing. I love this podcast! I am a daily listener and appreciate that there are new uploads all the time. Awesome awesome awesome!!
Fantastic inspiration here. Thank you so much for this podcast. I look for new speakers here and find just what I need almost everyday.
This is a great show for anyone working a 12 step program.
. . . that these are online! when I can't get to a meeting, they are a great solace. Thanks for sharing!
I work a schedule where I can't physically make it to a meeting for one straight week every other week. I listen to this each and every day that I'm away. THIS is my daily meeting. I listen to this and then call my sponsor and share. It allows me to stay on track TODAY! Thank God for this podcast! A Miracle podcast for me. Thy will, not mine, be done!!
This podcast has saved my life on more than one occasion. I travel for a living and the ability to connect to people in recovery has meant everything to me. The selection of speakers is awesome and the various workshops are priceless tools that provide real help to the person who is suffering. I recommend this podcast to anyone who wants to recover from addictive behaviours or who works in the field of addiction medicine.
Awesome speakers!!!