Reviews For In Between Sundays – A podcast for young adults.

I teach confirmation and I want my kids to keep going beyond their CCD class. This podcast is a great way for post confirmandi and young folks in general to have a connection to their Catholic faith. You guys are fantastic, keep it up...
Although geared toward young adults, this podcast is a great resource for all. Their enthusiasm is contageous. Young people like them are the new face of the Catholic Church.
I've listened since the very beginning. Every episode I laugh while I'm being challenged to deepen my faith. You've got to listen!
This is a great podcast. There aren't a lot of Catholic young adult resources out there - and this is one that I HIGHLY recommend!!! :)


By Lwiley
I just subscribed to this podcasts! I love it! I've been trying to catch up and listen to all the previous podcast recorded. It has already helped. I am trying to get more involved in my faith. I've recently bought study bibles, so hopefully I'll be able to read those soon. I love the fact that Nick and Pat through in the college life, religious life interaction. I have found that it is very difficult, so I'm hoping that listening to this while working or whenever, will help me in other aspects of my life. Thanks Pat and Nick! Keep recording so I can keep listening!
The Padley brothers are fabulous hosts. This show is highly entertaining while maintaining faithful reverence. The content is easy for young adults (or not-so-young) to relate to and connect with. Check out the show at least once.
This is a great show geared towards young adults. These two brothers are funny, energetic, and discuss issues that concern Catholics.
This podcast is super fun, the pace of the show is great, the production is really solid- Nick and Pat are easy to listen to, it makes you feel like you're sitting in their livingroom. The content is a nice mix of faith, fun and technology... and they use audio drops from Rodney Dangerfield... which is hilarious. Love these guys.
I was so happy to finally find a Catholic podcast geared to young adults! I'm almost done listening to all the past episodes, and I can say this is a show worth listening to. Sometimes I find the hosts (two brothers) and the games they play a little silly, but that's probably because I'm a girl. I love how they start their show with the three J's-- they really share what's going on in their lives and I can often relate. Their segments on spirituality are honestly thought provoking but not too pushy, and I think they are appropriate for people at many levels of spiritual maturity.
What a lot of Fun! I never laughed so hard with a podcast!
Nick and Pat crack me up, even as they touch me deeply and in a way that stays with me during the entire week. I don't know if I'm the audience they're aiming for - I'm a mom and maybe older than they are by quite a few years - but I learn something new from them every week and I love recognizing the movies in their bumpers. And the three J's? I use them myself, and share them with everyone I know! Thanks, guys, for a fabulous way to grow in my faith, laughing along with you as I go!
I am so glad this podcast joined SQPN, who knows how long it would have taken me to find these really fun guys otherwise. Living in Japan I often feel disconnected from the Catholic community so I rely on SQPN to keep me conntected. Adding this show into mix has really made a difference. Thanks Nick and Pat!
Nick and Pat have produced a fantastic podcast. Their show is entertaining and educational. It's fast paced and can be funny too. You will be hooked and a regular listener after just one show!
Leave it to SQPN to bring on another excellent podcast that incorporates our faith into our daily lives, and is fun & entertaining. These guys remind me of Bob & Doug Mackenzie skits from the early 80's with their banter back & forth. Highly recommended.
I love this podcast! If you need a fun, faith filled "booster shot" of encouragment in between Sundays, check out this great show. You'll be informed, entertained and inspired.
This is a great podcast that is intersting and helped me to look more into my Catholic Faith! They are so funny!! I recommend listening to them!
Nick and Pat give great information to revitalize one's faith, and along the way they are extremely witty and you can tell that they have a great time producing the podcast. It has great quality, and it is my new favorite podcast!!! Unlike other podcasts that can start to get boring... this one is full of great content and keeps one riveted!!! Great job, Padley Brothers!!
These two young men (recently out of college) take on issues of the day in a sometimes silly way, but they always mention at least one or two things that will nudge you or remind you to enhance your spiritual life.
This is a really fun podcast that is targeted towards young adult catholics. Its a fun, funny & light-hearted conversation about faith & life. I highly recommend it to all :)
These guys put on a great show for those young adults that live in the real world, yet want to keep their Catholic identity. It's contemporaty and fun. Have a listen!!
This podcast is amazing. Instead of other Christian podcasts that try and force-feed their listeners holier-than-thou lessons, Nick and Pat are just Christian guys that want to talk about Christianity within the context of young adult life. When I listen to these guys talk, I get a real geniune connection with almost everyting they talk about. I highly recommend giving this podcast a listen.
Very entertaining, informative and fun the listen. Nick and Pat have a winner.
really relevant and entertaining.
This looks very promising so far. I enjoy the fraternal camraderie and easy going style. It'll be interesting to see how this podcast develops.
Awesome Catholic podcast. There's no other way to say it. Nick and Pat are real. They are entertaining. And they love the Faith. Are you a young adult or a youth at heart? Then this podcast needs to be on your iPod. Don't just let it sit there though. Listen to it. You'll love it!
Awesome podcast for Catholic Young Adults, definitely worth weekly listening...
I just learned about this podcast and it seems like a fantastic podcast! I highly recommend it to you all!