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I want to emphasize how much i enjoy your podcasts. Clearly spoken, well thought out, and great material. I can see your podcast growing to include many followers that i believe it will help including myself. Healing is a tough game at times, as i am learning, but when you have support and helpful material like these podcasts it is easier to keep going. Keep up the great work!
Kevin's got natural talent for audio work. His podcast is soothing, deliberate and very well produced. It's a great suppliment to his book, the Bergen Protocol (which is AMAZING, BTW)! I really appreciate the kindness in his voice and the pace at which he speaks. The content of each show is smart without going over one's head and full of helpful insights. I am thankful for the hard work it takes to produce such a show. Thanks Kevin.
These are terrific podcasts designed to aid recovery wherever you are. You can get an attitude of gratitude when you are working, exercising etc. and keep on the path of healing you have chosen. Highly recommended.
I am a struggling recovering addict. I have been looking for audio recovery material to listen to during my daily commute. I found this podcast and fell in love with it immediately! I'm an NPR listener and enjoy the soothing voices of their programs. I get the same feeling of joy and comfort listening to this podcast. I highly recommend this program and hope that more episodes are posted! My recovery is stronger because of them.


This podcast really helps me when I feel like I can't do this bye my self . I really Liston to it when I am really struggling . Thank for having this podcast . It really helps me a lot .
I like his voice. He's concise and to the point. He's a professional and knows what he is talking about. I suffer from panic attack and social phobia and depression. I listened to his Anxiety podcast, and I think it spells out the approaches/solution and symptoms very clearly. I just need to seek more help after listening to this. I also like the background music and "I can do it" message in the background in some of his recent podcast. Also, he ends with a prayer which is also a soothing therapedic approach. I'm a believer in God but my faith is very little. It could use some more growing with God.
As a active member of SA these Podcasts are a great supplement to my meetings. God bless.
These Podcasts are a great supplement to SA meetings. I listen in the car or walking and no one knows that I am immersed in recovery. Have shared with fellow SA Members. Would to have more podcasts. Also bought Gordon MacDonald's book that Kevin reads from. Every man should read.
I've been looking for something like this. This podcast explains where our compulsive behaviors and addictions might come from. I like that the host jumps right into the guts of the topic- I guess I'm impatient and dislike small talk at the beginning of some podcasts. Info about sexual compulsions is helpful in giving me some awareness about my destructive patterns. To the host- thank you.
I just learned of these podcasts and have started listening to them to help me understand a friend who is struggling with a sexual compulsion. These have given me greater compassion and understanding than I had expected. Thank you for compiling these and offering healing and direction for those who want to change their lives. I highly recommend listening to them! I especially like the episodes about intimacy. Such profound insights!
This is a high quality podcasts, lots of good research and interesting cultural insights. It is certainly from a light faith based foundation, but I am non religious and still found it to be very helpful and highly listenable.
Bergen's voice is a healing tone that helps me through my days. I listen and his themes cover daily struggles in an addict's life. I listen to many recovery podcasts and this is by far my favorite. He also doesn't beat you down with religion.
Having now caught up on all the podcasts, this podcast is a remarkably helpful addition to any program. It's a supplement, not a replacement for meetings but immensely helpful.