Dressage Radio Show

Reviews For Dressage Radio Show

Absolutely love HRN shows, such an amazing opportunity to listen to and get advice form some of the industries top pros! Thank you Reese and Phillip for your invaluable advice.
The show is educational, fun, and friendly!
Thanks for putting together such an enjoyable podcast! You’ve brightened my drive to work! Keep up the listener Q&A part- it’s very helpful!
Just stumpled upon this podcast last week and am already addicted! Tell all my dressage team mates about it. Just love the people you have on and enjoy the education that you provide. Can't wait till next week :)
I discovered this podcast a few months ago and have forced myself to start at the beginning and am finally catching up. Wonderful to get insight into the community and different riders personalities and training. I've learned lots, confirmed lots and laughed a lot. Keep it up! And thank you!
Thank you SO VERY MUCH for putting out a wonderful show about Dressage! It helps me stay very motivated and encouraged throughout my day. Again Thank-you Dressage radio!!
After listening to Courtney King-Dye on the podcast I was interested and subscribed. What a welcome addition to my list of podcasts! I loved listening, and the podcast when you are talking about your first ponies brought back many memories. It is lovely listening to horsetalk. I love to listening to podcasts and audio books while walking, driving and cleaning. Hope you are a mainstay on podcasts. Stay Strong~