The Collision Podcast

Reviews For The Collision Podcast

it's really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really gooooooood!!!!!!!!!
Awesome Video, loved the music, the message, everything about it. Really set the tone for the coming years episodes. I'm excited to see and hear what is to come! Great Band and Author interviews as well.
These are great to watch! Good to see what ya'll did in New Orleans and hear great news! Glad I subscribed!


This is a classy, yet hip podcast with awesome interviews of emerging artists, great stories, funny dialogue, cool music, and a great message. Its been nominated in the Podcast Awards 2009 so its totally legit. Please listen to it, subscribe to it, tell your friends about it, and enjoy.
It's great to hear a podcast that really speaks to our age. There's always new music and the stories are hilarious! Keep the artist interviews coming.
I enjoy this podcast so much. It's hilarious, relevant and entertaining. 5 stars!
A unique blend of conversation on current lifestyle topics and entertainment, that is fun for the whole family! This podcast is sent to you straight from the peach state in Columbus, Georgia! The podcast is like a peach, its sweet and delicious, all the while being secretly healthy for you as well! After searching for a good Christian alternative podcast that will be interesting to me, this one's got me hooked. Arrrgggh. : )
The podcast was very good. It was very informative and had some good information about the band. The band was also very good and the podcast expressed their opinions well. I thought is was very well done and the questions were very well thought out and written.
This podcast is not only enlightening but relevant. It's easy to get lost in all the pretentious talk that clutters the airwaves/webstream....The Collsion Podcast is a breath of fresh air.