Reviews For Sex Talk From Behind Our White Picket Fence - Honest Sex Positive Information for Couples

I picked up on this podcast and started at the beginning. Good Stuff!! These people are entertaining and informative. Recommended
Love the show! I can't wait to try out some of the tricks and products I've learned about with my husband! Keep up the great work!!
I am a new listener and I am hooked. I've only got about 5 episodes under my belt, but I can tell that I am going to enjoy going through the archives. This is incredible info for those of us seeking to improve or maintain great relationships! 5 Stars! Just go ahead and check it out for yourselves. I'm pretty sure you will stick around! -Walt
Found this show as a lap over from SNSandra and am a committed listener now. I like how the shows are broken diwn into segments. The music interludes are cute sometimes but WAY too long; a 15-sec break between segments would be better. Based on their product reviews I bought some items from their store. Not only were they up to the high standards promised, & @ a good price, but a hand-written note was included! Don't know why, but that was such a special touch that will keep me as a customer as well as a listener. I bought the HotRawks product endorsed by them. As a mid-40s, long-time married, mother of 3, I was willing to try it. It really, really works. My husband thanks you from the bottom of his now-overused member. ;) I really like the straight forward product reviews. They are helpful and informative. I would like more info on the cost, which is given sometimes but not always. Keep up the good work, fellow old married folks! I will definitely recommend the podcast.
And you can't really finish it at one time.
Fun, Informative and entertaining. What more could you ask?
Good effort with interesting topics, but the episodes are just too long for me to dedicate time to. Excellent reviews and lively discussions spiced with lots of humor. Alas, the musical bridges are complete songs. Lots of personal asides between the speakers that take up time, but don't add much to the content. Sorry, I just can't spare the full hour and change that each episode runs. Audio levels are a little flakey, a lot of dialog is barely audible (need lapel mics), what it boils down to is that they need an engineer. And need to follow an outline to stay on topic.
Great and informative podcast! Can't wait for more !
If you want to listen to some sexual health advice and get a chcuckle at the sametime, this show is fun entertainment. Very candid and expressive, Freddy and Eddy do not disappoint with thier usual disarming wit and charm discussing topics usually deemed taboo, or at least not usually discussed in the family room. A refreshing way to keep up to date with the sexual health community regarding products, lifestyles, tips on marital or affairs of the heart.


By Jozai
You guys rock, I loved it. I have been waiting for a podcast that touches on what happens behind my closed doors. I cannot wait to tell my wife. You guys are so informative but at the same time you could have your own comedy show. Keep it up, I can't wait to hear the next episode.
Absolutely Splendid!