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I know there are always gonna be fans that grovel and leave 5 star reviews on whatever RT does so this may never be seen but honest some members mostly just Eric on recent podcast pretty much just hating on the fans for not agreeing with him or just not caring about the community that much makes him the least fun mostly with how this episode started I was already annoyed as Eric has inside jokes and stuff that not even the RT fandom gets. And hell if he does see this he won’t care and just tell me to go do one or just not leave a review.
At one point I thought this was the best podcast in the world. Been listening for well over a decade. But now, I think it’s finally time to unsubscribe. It’s truly a sad day. Good bye Rooster Teeth, thank you for all the golden years!
I have listened to this podcast since episode 1. Achievement hunter, let’s play, and rooster teeth videos I watch religiously every week, and the podcast without fail. Year after year. Both what Ryan and Adam did are abhorrent but I cannot listen anymore until the matter is talked about. Listening after October 12 episode is sickening with everyone acting like everything Is ok. I love Barbara and Gus but them acting like everything is normal is sickening. Talk about it. Talk about your feelings on the matter. Until then your false attitudes are sickening and make me naseous. I’m done, one less follower to rooster teeth and that’s why RT is failing. I give 2 weeks to talk about it then I’m unsubscribing. So will millions more. The last episode like nothing is wrong made me sick. Don’t look forward to this podcast anymore.
I’ve been listening since the second year of this podcast. I don’t think it’s changed much over the years and I think all the hosts are perfectly swell people. However, it’s been slowly dawning on me that all this podcast is is people having inane arguments about inconsequential stuff. After years of hearing people who know nothing about science argue about science, and weeks of hearing arguments about spoons, I think I’m done. It’s just not for me. This is how all RT content has gone for me: I’ve grown out of it.
This show used to be amazing. I’ve been a RT fan since they’re early days 15 years ago but they are now just so “woke” and political. During the last year or two I’ve fell off them because they just get progressively more and more political for No Reason at times. This podcast was my last string to them and it’s become nothing but judging others, pandemic fear, politics and Barbara trying so hard to turn any subject back to herself or randomly spurt out some nonsense in hopes of it sparking into an anti “this” segment. If they continue on this trend of “people are dumb for not fearing what we fear and not being against something with us then we’ll just judge you on this podcast because any opinion that isn’t ours is wrong!” then I’m permanently leaving. All my friends quit supporting this company and I’m hoping they stop the “woke” trend soon. Now in some podcasts they make fun of their fans for their comments instead of listening to their fans. They killed their loyal fans to cater for the whiney kids who just follow trends and get offended by everything and it backfired on them hard. A lot of stuff they were “supporting” seemed to be a lie as of recent events since a couple people got fired or left the company for being exposed. Please fix this podcast it can honestly save the company if you just listen to feedback and stop trying to follow the woke trend and get back to what made the podcast great to begin with. I unsubbed from all RT affiliates on YouTube and their podcasts except this podcast but even that is become a chore because of Barbara and Gavin just try to incite hate and fear while contradicting themselves.
There seems to be a lot of trolls in the reviews section. Don't listen to them. RT Podcast has always been and continues to be quality entertainment.
Love the podcast would love to hear more of Eric .
Barbara has taken this podcast to a new low. How many times does she just retell the same story from the previous week. Everyone else has something to offer besides Barbara and Gavin. You have so much talent in the company but you're letting a podcast die knowingly. Funhau5 is light years better then this crap.
She takes the “dumb blonde” to a whole new level. Everything she says is either directly regurgitated from social media or is an outlandish statement with little basis. It’s hard to hear her input on the conversations as they almost always are trying to make joke of it or just plain dumb. She makes it hard to listen. RT has a plethora of female talent, please use them to make the podcast more interesting!
While the pandemic has made this show’s most recent episodes take a nosedive in most of its entertainment value, there is still a wealth of older content that is 100% worth listening to especially 2015-2018. The show can only get better after quarantine is over. Love it all the same and will keep listening until Gus is calling in from a nursing home


I’m sorry to have to write another review like this. Barbara is killing the show and it’s made me stop listening to it. I’m not saying she is clueless but man you start talking about stuff that you don’t know anything about and just repeat stuff you’ve heard on social media. Please get back to the fun RT podcast before it got all political.


it pains me to write this but this show has lost its touch since burnie left. the barbara comments are super harsh as she does her best but i understand why people are getting annoyed. if gus ever leaves, the podcast will die.
This is one of my favorite podcast I love it so much thanks to both of you. I see a few negative reviews but they do not appreciate the unknown. I started a Journal about each episode where I build off stuff y’all have talked about. Thanks for another rt podcast
Burnie is gone for good, that’s pretty brutal for the podcast a solid cast of characters help it together for me for a while. Barbra’s arrogance and constant need to make everything about herself really ruin the enjoyment
Gotta agree with most of the recent comments. Less Barbara please and thank you 🙏
I’ve been listening since the podcast originally started, and who’ll it has gone through some changes it’s still my favorite weekly show to listen to
Used to love Barb, really not vibing recently and stopped listening to always open because of it and now I’ve stopped listening to this podcast as well
I’ve been a listener since episode 30, and I think anyone looking for a genuinely humorous cast with lots to say I ask that you at least give this podcast as chance.
This review section screams TRIGGERED.... they have always talked about world events
Getting sick of hearing about wearing masks. Y’all don’t work 8-8 5 days a week in 90f heat every day, dip your mask in water and try and breath through it it’s waterboarding. Give me the sickness... Cha-Ching sell that blood plasma for triple the cash of a regular blood plasma donation and invest in double gold!
This podcast changes drastically over the course from 400 on. It evolves so much but I’m just glad they’ve kept Gus. I’m sad burns left and it does get annoying when all they talk about is Chris or one of their first member exclusives. I want RT to do better and become better out of love. Love the show, I just wish it focused more on all of their fans.
I love this podcast and will continue to listen but I’m getting tired of the conversations constantly coming back to COVID. We know we should all wear masks but making fun of people who don’t won’t change them they aren’t listening to this anyway.
Where trump is the worst president because reasons and not at bad as FDR who locked up Japanese American citizens in interment camps.
This is not the same podcast as it once was. It’s now strictly a complain about corona virus podcast, which is extremely disheartening when the podcast is one of the only places I could rely on for an escape from negativity, but now they spend 80% of the podcast talking negatively and demeaningly. Been listening for many years, but I’m done. If you think this is the same RT podcast, you’ve been suckered in. They have such a bleak outlook on life and your attitude will worsen after listening to these spoiled celebs talk about how bad life is.
Been listening for 10 years. Its starting to sound like a broken record. Complain about COVID-19, complain about politics, and insult anyone who doesn’t share there point of view. It’s getting to negative for my taste and I stopped looking forward to listening to this podcast every week, and with that realization I’m done with it.
I have been listening to the rooster teeth podcast since 2012 and have loved being able to work and listen to the podcast at the same time. I love the content that they put out, but I only have one complaint. Even though the content they put out is amazing, anytime they delve into political topics, Gus especially, they act high and mighty and as if everyone else’s opinion is dumb and stupid to go against they’re own.
I have been listening to the RT podcast since it was the drunk tank. It makes my days at work go by so fast and I feel like I know everyone on it so well. I love how angry Gus is and how stupid Gavin is! I wish there were more every week! I hope that they never stop making it. Would love to see the OG cast more often though. Also, I miss Burnie.
“Black Lives Matter” but you don’t protect employees like Mica Burton. “Black Lives Matter” but putting out a podcast was more important that letting your staff observe Blackout Tuesday. Actions speak louder than words, Rooster Teeth. And yours are vile.
They make a good point all around. But what’s going on isn’t a “protest”. Yes Floyd was a wrongful death. But if you were killed like that, would you want people burning things down “in your name”? Ruining people that bought a franchise to better their life. And to have it taken away, in your name? Blm is a good cause, but it’s tainted by people doing these wrongs “in the name of black lives matter”. How is that right? How is beating truck drivers to almost death, who are just trying to provide. How is that right?
Wonderful podcast 80 percent of the time but difficult to listen to when they get on politics as they have no tolerance for different world views than their own and address many topics with a black and white “I’m right and you’re wrong” approach
If Gus isn’t on the show don’t bother listening. He is the only one that keeps them in line and actually fact checks topics.
Great podcast been listening since day one, it’s just not the same without Burnie but I’m glad Gus and Gavin are still there regularly other than that I usually tune out when these guys aren’t hosting the podcast. Thank you guys for the years of good content.
Just recently jumped into the world of pod casts and was very happy to stumble across this one. Hearing the voices once again of the crew that kept me laughing with red vs blue as a teenager brought me back to nostalgic moments. Please reissue chupathingy shirts, as i lost mine many years ago.
Listened since the beginning. I miss the original crew. Shoot I miss this same crew but less political and more funny... I think maybe I’ve just aged out of this podcast. Gus is the only one I can sort of relate to. The rest of these whiney millennials are too much to bear anymore. Tried again on 594, went right back into Barbara knowing everything about the world... sorry. I’m done


Never knew how much I missed good ol burnie I hope he can come back every once in a while


By Trj123
Had Burnie on an episode, missed him so much, he’s nuanced and interesting, more please.
That’s right!! Burnie is back in this episode and it’s just great! I love everyone’s dynamic don’t get me wrong but I really enjoy Gus, Geoff and Burnies interactions and conversations and nothing seems forced. #bringburnieback
Seeing Barbara’s name in the title is enough to not listen to it nowadays It went from a fun and exciting podcast to the Barbara’s opinion and lets make fun of Chris Show. Episode 590 has to be the worst one in quality. Sad to see happen because i have loved rt content since i was a little kid. Hope it gets better 😢
The podcast has been on a huge descent for a while. Too much political talk and trash talking Bernie. I used to love this podcast. I’ve listened to every episode start to finish, but I don’t know how long I can take. Since the virus hit and everyone is forced to stay at home and do the podcast, certain members of the cast stray away from politics. That is a saving grace. I especially hate that certain members complain about people complaining about the podcast. Us listeners is what holds this podcast up. Stop complaining about us complaining. You shouldn’t change because people don’t like you being you, but when it’s constant political bad mouthing and obnoxiousness, then why not talk about something else. Slowly people will leave. People complain about the government not listening to the country’s people, but that’s exactly what you’re doing.
I love this podcast, I frequently go back and listen to old episodes. I’m technically Gen Z so when I say they’re being too political it comes as someone who is used to things being too political where they shouldnt be. Barbara specifically just talks like she’s never wrong and like if you don’t share her political opinion you’re an idiot, as well as bashes politicians on things she reads off of the internet that are much less black and white than she makes it. Overall when they stay off of anything too political, this podcast is a 5 star but with Barbara no longer bringing this podcast up as she used to as well as a lot of newer people who can’t steer away from those topics when she or Jon get on them, someone needs to manage this podcast and fix it from the inside before it gets any better and is returned to a 5 star podcast, specifically when Gus isn’t there to be the voice of reason, the person to steer the podcast, the person who points out when issues arent as black and white as the millennials on the podcast seem to make them, and the person who will at least attempt to see the arguments someone on the other side would have. Gus is the balance that this podcast has and if he is on an episode i will listen every time but someone needs to reign in these youngins and just tell them to stop being so political, they’re opinion means nothing more than anyone else’s and just because they have a platform doesn’t mean it’s right, and when you have an opinion, state it, but don’t linger on it. Gus does a good job of cutting political conversations before they get into an uncomfortable territory for anyone who isn’t exactly aligned to their political opinions.
I’ve listened to this podcast since 2012, and it has consistently been enjoyable and I would highly recommend it. Rooster Teeth always creates great content.
I have listened every week for about 4 years now. I find it makes long drives more interesting and helps pass the time. They all have good chemistry and it’s interesting to hear what it’s like to live in that kind of entertainment industry. I can’t give them a 5 because they do have a tendency to talk and give advice about topics they are not expects in and have not researched appropriately. Even before 2020 they would try to give health advice or explain science in a way that was just wrong and I don’t think that kind of misinformation is appropriate for their level of influence they have (particularly over young folk). They do a good job however to trying to clear up any misunderstandings but never go back and edit out the mistake. They always say it’s a comedy podcast but they really need to stay with what they know and not lecture on topics they don’t.
I’ve been watching RT content since about 2009 with the Saints Row 3 let’s plays, how I found them, and I’ve been hooked ever since. The podcast is something I look forward to weekly. Gus is an amazing host and the normal group of guest are great too! If you love RT or Achievements Hunters then it’s great for you. It’s been odd not having Burnie on but real life happens and I’m not gonna give the podcast a bad rating because of that. Keep it up guys, I love the content. Thank you ❤️
I’ve loved the RT Podcast since I first heard it in 2013. The humor and variety of topics are amazing, Gavin and Barbara are so great when they’re on together, Bernie will be missed, and Gus is an expert-level ringleader. Keep being awesome!
Siempre escucho sus podcast en el trabajo, me mantiene entretenido durante horas.
You can blame it all on WB.
Not as good since Burnie left.