Not a bad podcast I have been listening week in and week out. Personally I don't care to much for the host but I respect what they do. I love the fact that the podcast comes on weekly it's not my favorite podcast but I won't say it's garbage like the rest of these jokes on here. Keep doing your things guys
This guy is redundant,try and listen for 5 minutes and you will understand...P.S check out the boxing voice!!
This is one of the most odd podcasts I've ever heard. The guy doesn't even has his facts straight and shows tons of bias. Whines a lot...lol
The host is a real jerk. I just finished listening to 2 hours of him insulting another guy for saying its possible for people to have scored the Paulie Malignaggi vs Adrien Broner fight 7/5 for Paulie.
Check out Central Cali correspondent RC always good insight on the sport of boxing on the daily!!! 👍🏻👊🏻
While this particular boxing podcast is not the worst of the bunch it is also definitely not the best (a title which rightfully belongs to Tha Boxing Voice podcast which is undoubtedly leaps and bounds above all the others).One thing which is particularly annoying is one of the main hosts Suge Green who aside from being irritatingly obnoxious (Don't know if he thinks by being that way it will draw people in and make you want to listen just to hear what crudeness he has to say...well trust me IT DOESN'T) also has to remind/convince the listener and himself that you are listening to the #1 boxing podcast in the world which to anyone who has checked out many of the other boxing podcasts particularly the one i mentioned above knows that is a joke.The show has its moments and may be worth a listen or two considering the huge void of worthwhile boxing podcasts but is it a must listen??...the answer would be No.
I have listened to a few other boxing podcasts, and so far this is the best.
This show is horrible. The number one boxing podcast what a joke. If I could give this show no stars I would.
This is boxing talk for the big boys if you only know a few big names you could get lost kids .... Dope show 👍👍
I had been looking for a good boxing podcast to add to my already overloaded shows becasue I love boxing & it is my favorite sport. I tried a couple that were ok but not often enough & did not get down to the nit & grit of what I wanted. Than I came across the OTG podcast....& now I'm hooked. The host Suge Green starts off the show & than brings in all the gang. Now admittedly so everyone on the show is a little different than the normal boxing commentary, but that is the great think about it. You get commentary from all walks of life plus its all different. You have the great Irish Paddy Cronan from across the pond that is well versed in the boxing world as well as the often overlooked European scene. Nino Celic & Reverend Ringside are the HW experts waxing poetic about that division. There is MCH who always entertains with his colorful picks & reasons why his lists are the best. Of course last but not least there is Simon who is the tornando of adversary but the man knows his stuff. The team always breaks out their picks & get in depth of all goings around in the boxing workd as well as preview & aftermath conversations. I can see why this show could turnoff some people but I think it is becasue it is not your normal cookie cutter banter that usually is available. These men have strong opinions like myself & stick to them regardless of the pressure from the others & to me that is what makes for good podcasting. If you like boxing like I do than take a chance & join the OTG family. They have added the punchline now so the fans can get more involved & it makes it more fun & interesting.
Longtime listener. Love the OTG Fam. This is the best boxing show. Real experts from all over the world. These guys are tied in with the insiders of the sport. The best interviews and the best talk. Can't wait until Sunday!
Listen to this every monday on the way to work gets me through my drive! keep up the great work!
Just like high school girls would, they spend way too much time criticizing boxers about what they do outside of the ring. The only one that makes any sense is Simon from The Pacific Northwest. If you're looking for informative and entertaining boxing talk check out The Boxing Voice.
So I decided to listen to this podcast and I can't help but think that this is the perfect example of how NOT to have a radio talk show. Everything that is discussed is very opinionated- nothing factual. The hosts seem like they lack respect for each other and then there is the personal attacks on boxers themselves. There is a way to express your dislike of a certain athlete without using vulgar language or demeaning accusations. And I thought Skip Bayless lacked class...
I love this show they keep it 110
I like the personalities and arguments. Suge and Paddy give good opinions and you can count on someone going against the conventional wisdom. Even when Suge gets all Christian conservative it's still good and fair opinions. I like that they have the expert on European boxing too, Nino I think. Give it a few tries before you give up. They are a legit boxing journal!!
The show wouldn't be half bad if they would just talk boxing. These aren't the most intelligent guys, yet they want to speak on politics, world issues and boxers personal lives. No one wants to hear about Cotto, Khan and De La Hoya cheating on their wives and substance abuse. When they finally get to boxing it's not bad when they aren't bickering and arguing over the strangest points about a fight.
This used to be my favorite boxing podcast but the constant hate on Floyd Mayweather is too extreme from Suge Green and having certain guys on just to bash them had gotten to old. I gave the podcast another go today and it was still the same BS. I love hearing Irish Patty, Eric kelly, Janelle and the co host and if it werent for them I would give one star. Hell Suge Green even bashes boxers that he has interviewed wish is just sad and disrespectful.
So I'm basically giving 3 stars because hey... it is a boxing radio show and I'm a die hard boxing fan. HOWEVER, the panel of hosts spend more time being judgmental about various fighters (and other boxing figure heads) personal life than to actually analyze the skills and talents of the fighters when they are in the ring. Its clear they have the inside scoop as far as boxing circles and information goes, but when its time to talk boxing, you're going to have to sift through a lot of unrelated bs to get your true boxing fix. Maybe that's why they don't have special guests either. To get your TRUE boxing fix check out other shows like Tha Boxing Voice and Mouthpiece Boxing Radio.
I was looking for a boxing podcast to keep me entertained on my daily commute. This podcast is so horrible I just had to write a review. First off the audio quality is beyond poor, the host injects his personal political views in a boxing podcast where it makes no sense, and he constantly is attacking other boxing shows and people which got annoying really fast. Stop being so angry, stick to boxing talk, fix the audio and just maybe this show will be worth listening to.
Is this a boxing show or a political talk show. Really Travon Martin talk? This after soap box host telling us about gun laws and other b.s. Irish Paddy is cool but this show keeps getting worse. I'm sure next week they will break down Obamacare and Immigration reform. Go listen to Cheap Seats boxing and Ring Junkies if you want an entertaining show.
The host just argues with everyone he talks to and he always has to be right. The show is becoming less about boxing and more about the hosts personal problems with the world. They need a new and unbiased host.
That is what you are going to hear a thousand times and a lot top rank bias. But besides that it's pretty good.
They are current and have good guest. But the constant talking about the on the grind boxing family and the number one podcast gets old fast. I only listen when the boxing truth podcast is not on.
Guests are pretty good and some of contributors aren't bad but the host is awful and has zero interview skills.


By 1 Higgs
What the he'll is wrong with that suge green guy it always has to be his way and he always interupts everybody and calm Down with the number one podcast of the world its a really bad show and annoying as he'll
The host always has to be right and does he always have to remember that it's the number one in the world and was up with rican guy do they always have to threat him with firing him
Suge Green knows his stuff. This program keeps my interest and I can't wait for the next one. If you love boxing and you want to hear real interviews, this is the place. Keep up the good work. I want to add that the reviewer, Uptown, who states the host thinks he's always right seems to have a personal grudge. Maybe a competitor? I can't believe the inept bad review. Have you really listened to the show? They are knowledgeable and don't only have college educated guests who speak fluent English. They have diverse guests and hosts with a wide variety of opinions and personalities. This is a podcast and the sound quality may not be perfect all of the time. Have you listened to other podcasts? They do not have a radio tower. I'm listening to the show now and it's as intelligent as I have heard and the sound quality is perfect. Give it another try.
Very thorough and up-to-date boxing show done twice weekly. They often conduct good interviews with some of the sport's elite, though the frequent bickering and I-know-better-than-you attitudes of some of the OTG family can grate on the nerves occasionally. Once you get to know their personalities, it all becomes more palatable. I tune in regularly.
Show was decent when I first heard it. But now it's just horrible. The host seems to think he always right.
When I first started listening to this show I thought it was good and informative. Now I think it has become a joke. Lots of arguing between the guys that host the show. This Mac Roberts dude is a joke/fool. How are you going to send a guy from Ireland to some speech class when you cant talk yourself. Your grammar is so jacked and janky its rediculous. Saying stuff like "know what it is", "ya know what I mean". He cant say a sentence without saying "ya know what I mean". And then the main host Suge Green talking like he is watching a match and commentating like larry Merchant. If your show is sooooooo good you dont have to down talk everyone elses show out there. They spend five minutes a show down talking other shows. I dont hear any other shows doing this. Mayweather hater radio
This is the most unprofessional broadcast I've ever heard. Poor sound quality, terrible hosts and they bring on guests who don't speak English!