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Reviews For Re-Play Radio

I thoroughly enjoy this podcast. It keeps me up to date with all the games I don't have time for and all the games I never wanted to play. The banter is fantastic. Give it a try.
Phew! I was worried for a sec that they might have just quit!, but I am glad to see that they "are still doin' this". I am eager to see if they will actually play Megaman Legends 1 or two, especially one since I have the game and I might consider sending it to 'em if the promised to talk about it some more! Plus, I was never able to finish it so I am wondering if they would. Anyway Great Job and dont stop!
I like this one. Brian and Steve play off each other nicely, and it makes for a nice listen while waiting for more Geekspeak.
Bryan and Steve from Geekspeak (another must-subscribe) free to discuss old games without being sidetracked by the peanut gallery. It's taken a few episodes to sort out the format, but they've settled in nicely. Subscribe, listen, and suggest lost classics for them to play through and dissect.