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When Medros decided to pass on hosting this podcast to a new voice, I was thrilled. I enjoy the idea of the round table discussion, but I get enough of Medros on All Things Azeroth. Hasteur is hard to listen to... he sounds stilted and uncomfortable. I loved him as a guest, but I think he misses the mark as a host. He needs a lot of work on his transitions as well as addressing his co-hosts. "So..." is not a proper transition, nor is "OK Next topic is..." find a better way to freely flow between your topics!! Additionally - it sounds silly when you introduce a topic and then pointedly say "What do you think Mr _____" to one of the other hosts or a guest, only to have them say something along the lines of 'I really have nothing to say about this'. The hosts and guests should have a list of topics to be introduced before the podcast, and should know what they are going to be addressed to talk about!! This is a round table discussion, and three of the voices are the same every week -- continually calling your co-hosts "Mr" doesn't come off as endearing or respectful... it gets annoying. In sumary -- I enjoy the idea of a round table, and have mostly enjoyed the co-hosts and guests -- but I am still waiting for this podcast to get a main host who makes me impatient to listen... this is a filler podcast for me while I wait for WoWInsider, The Instance and Convert to Raid to upload new episodes. I'd love to see it become one of my 'must listens'
Before the change in hosts this podcast was a decent World of Warcraft podcast to help me fill in some of the lulls in between other podcasts being released. However, I find with the new hosts I am skimming through this podcast (something I never did before) mostly due to the atrocious impressions popping out of nowhere and interuptting those guests who are actually contributing interesting or relevant information to the show --everytime they pop up I find myself skimming over 5-10 minutes of voice overs and impressions, not what I wanted in a WoW podcast! I am giving these new hosts the benefit of the doubt, but the impressions are not funny, do not fit into the flow of the show, continue on for way longer than they should, and overall just reduce the quality of the show in my opinion. If you can handle these impressions and 'character voices' though then this podcast is decent. The show tends to encounter dead air on occasion and seems a little disorganized in its flow, but the hosts are new to podcasting. I am sure that after they have been working at this for a while longer the show will improve. The 'character voices' and impressions just need to be toned back or cut altogether, and that will be a large improvement.
The podcast was tolerable with Medros and friends but this has changed. Hasteur is knowledgable but I'm not quite sure he has the voice for radio. Degei is simply....awful. His jokes and impressions are terrible and this past episode with Moogiver was the worst I've heard of his antics. On Convert to Raid, the impressions are funny (for the most part) and the jokes tend to die out naturally if they linger even slightly too long. The hosts really need to be more radio friendly and not drive people away.
Please share the Blizzcon live stream coverage with the podcast listeners. I've been checking all the Dawn Forge feeds and haven't seen any signs of the coverage. I couldn't listen live and can't download outside of iTunes.
I enjoy this podcast, but I would ask PLEASE Medros eat BEFORE you start podcasting. On multiple episodes I have heard you smacking on something while trying to talk at the same time. It is sometimes so off putting that I have had to stop listening to the podcast altogether. The only reason I didn't give you a 5 star was because of the smacking on food while speaking. Keep up the good work and thank you for taking my criticism as a positive improvement recommendation. Pietwig (The Lord of the Pies)


By ploinks
Never miss it.
This podcast feels like a good opportunity mostly wasted. The ridiculously long advertisements for sponsors in the middle of the episode along with only a sparse few guests who are able to get into a decent discussion make for a somewhat agonizing podcast at times. The format isn't well laid out, so that a guest who is called on for a specific reason may not be revealed until most of the way through the program and sometimes the show seems rather aimless as a whole. The guests themselves are veryvery hit or miss, and while it's certainly the hosts prerogative to invite his friends on, it might be more to his advantage if they seemed to actually want to be there. That said, occasionally the formula seems to get it right - thoughtful and engaging guests, interesting topics, and a smooth interplay that makes it the fun and truly entertaining podcast it should be. If only it were more often than about 1 in 5 shows.
Host is pretty clueless about the subject, fortunately the guests are informed. I don't mind commercials in podcasts, but this guy puts a 5-6 minute ongoing commercial about one specific company right in the middle of his podcasts. Avoid this podcast.
I love this podcast. The round table discussions are great and each guest I've heard gives an insightful point of view. I can't wait for more!!
I give it one star because they have great topics, yet it is so boring and lacking any humor or real insight. Although they are not condescending jerks like the WoW Insider podcast, they seem so uptight and awkward that you'll be running back to The Instance within minutes. The only personality with any real flavor is Macguyver and it's probably just his accent. Epic fail, don't waste your time until they overhaul the cast.
This was one of the best round table discussions I have ever heard. Funny, informative, and opinionated. There people should be on every week. Medros did a fine job and never had drag out discussion. It was just great.
I like the idea of a roundtable show, bringing in other podcast & blog hosts, but one needs to be more discerning in selecting the guests. Show #11 was particularly painful to endure, and I recommend you avoid it. Awkward silences are one thing, but guests who don't know they're not funny & continually interrupt someone who's trying to contribute something of substance is another. And what's with the female guest who only says hello & goodbye, and you don't hear anything from for the hour inbetween? Show needs a lot of work.
I was really hoping medros would have done a better job with this podast... But nope... Just as bad as all things Azeroth. I continue to listen because I am hoping he will step down from hosting and move into a production role. Plus he called his last round table 'a fairly good group'. If I were part of that group I would have hung up and told medros to pound sand. anyway, the topics are good... medros just has no clue how to host. He really would be a great producer however!
I usually like what medros puts out. More often than not it's a good product but, the most recent episode of this podcast was completely killed by the annoying guests and the socially akward behavior. Medros did what he could to keep it on track but wow were they for lack if a better word annoying


I would rate this higher than two stars, but Medros is a part of it. The guests he asks to be a part of this do most of the talking, while he interrupts to say something stupid (usually the guests disagree with him) or to change the subject.
Not that I'm biased or anything, but that Lou Gagliardi fella. Let me tell ya..he had ALL the right ideas ;) Seriously, this show rocked. And it needs to be started again as soon as Medros gets the net again. It was fun, it was fan-worthy, and some of the "co-hosts" had ideas that I believe were in tune with the players especially that Lou Gagliardi guy.
With the round table feel it is a little unedited for my taste but still good