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HAHAHA these guys are so incredibly funny...they keep me waiting on the edge of my seat for the next podcast to come out! They are so good I would pay to download their stuff! They are truly fantastic! I am addicted to it!
Definitely a good quality podcast that's worth listening to. Can't wait for the next episode!
I love this podcast and it has become my favorite on itunes. These guys are funny and keep me laughing at every turn. I am looking forward to more from them. I wish they put a show out everyday. Keep up the great work guys.
Wow, these guys are great! If you haven't heard them you are definitely missing out. Their combination of humor and talk on wacky news stories, rock trivia, personal anecdotes, and analysis of life in the pacific northwest is entertaining, insightful and funny. They had me chuckling outloud. I really liked the Canada segment in episode 2. I am really looking to hear more from this awesome group. Keep up the great work guys!
If you are in the Northwest then these guys are a must. They are funny and have a unique take on all things Northwest. I highly recommend this podcast to everyone. Download it, listen then come back for more. I know I am! Very funny stuff, these guys had me rolling!
This is the best podcast I have heard on here. I definitely think that the radio experience these guys have makes for a fine-tuned and pleasurable experience. All 4 of these guys are hilarious and also informative. I'm in college, and I can still appreciate this very much--it's geared to reach many generations. Don't hesitate to subscribe. If you have a commute to work, want an example of a good radio talk show/podcast, or just like to have something to wind down with at the end of the day-- this is it!!!
This is a show that i am so happy to subscribe to. I love the North West Fell and all the funny and werid news storys. Big tahnks to Big D, Joe, Double D and Wonderboy. Keep up the great work and cant wait for future shows and topics
These guys are very cool, funny and came highly recommended. Their twist and opinions on current events are great! Glad I was told about them, and I will continue downloading their episodes as they crank em out!
These guys are naturally hilarious! Great fun! Love em!
It's nice to have some representation on iTunes from the pacific northwest. These guys do the job and then some. Very funny all of them. Big D and Joe seem to be having a great time and it shows. More, more, more, please! Thanks for some northwest views that everyone can enjoy and appreciate! Listen to these guys, you won't regret this download!
These guys give a no nonsense take on just about everything meaningful locally, nationally, and--what the heck--internationally! Sports, current events, and more are converged upon right here! I don't know whether they're radio pros, but they sure sound like it.
Take a listen, you won't be disappointed. These guys have a great show and are very funny. I am looking forward to hearing more from them. It's great to get some Northwest perspective and these guys know there stuff. Way to go guys, you rock!!!!
These 4 guys are awesome, and I am so glad I found them!!!! I can't wait to hear more of their funny stuff!!!!! Keep it rolling guys!!!