Reviews For Americanreef - Keeping Saltwater and Coral Reef Aquariums by Learning from Advanced Aquarists

Great advice, easy to follow. Keep em coming Russell!!!!!!!
Whether you are an experienced reef keeper or someone new to the hobby, this is a great podcast to subscribe to. Russ and company do a great job reinforcing key concepts while showcasing both great new products and tried/true methods. The quality and thoughtfulness that goes into each episode are top notch! 5-stars!
Very cool and provides a lot of information. Always keeping an eye out for new episodes.
First of all, this is a GREAT podcast for ANYONE in the reef keeping hobby. The podcast is not only entertaining but it also provides you with a lot of great info (for both beginners as well as as those just getting into the hobby). They are extremely educational and I look forward to every new episode of advanced aquarists as well as the other podcasts provided by American Reef. Quality shots, quality content, and quality delivery to boot!!
It's an ok podcast. The field trips to the aquarium are sometimes interesting. They definitely need to invest in a better mic system. Especially if they want to charge money. One really annoying thing is one of the interviewers who wll ask a question then before the complete answer is given, will interrupt with "mmhmmm" or "sounds good". Kind of like someone who's trying to hurry a person out the door or something. Incredibly distracting. Too bad too, because some of the info seemed to be interesting.
This podcast was nothing but a hassle. All of this companies files had to be converted to play properly on any of my devices. Most of these podcasts are absent of any "REAL" content as I found many of the shows doing an intro, going to commercial break, then end leaving no room for any meat & bones to the show. The audio was "ok" for someone claiming to offer HD content. (Frankly there's almost always loud pumps running in the background so do you really "need" hd audio to hear that annoyance considering if they knew what they were doing they could filter that out?) If you're constantly having to convert every file to proper format you can easily deduce that it wasn't even developed on a mac. (I see this as pc oriented company trying to make some cash on the Apple brand.) While the topic might have been clear and well throughout, the actual "discussions" / "content" isn't there. Granted I understand that they're wanting to charge a couple bucks for the podcast so you can buy products from their store & suppliers they advertise for. But here's the deal, if you pay the couple bucks you have to access the content from their website, not as a "feed" to your device. If there is a "separate" feed that's paid, this clearly isn't it. So all of the "production assistant / employees" 5 staring "zero" content are quite simply trying to game the system. Sorry, but I'm judging this based on the content of this feed & this feed alone, not the content on your website or a separate pay feed. (This is what we get when we allow "companies" to "advertise" in the iTunes podcast store.) WORTHLESS GARBAGE Quite frankly this is demeaning to the iTunes Store, Apple & the community they serve & serves the community in no real way, shape or form. I'll be asking Apple to remove this podcast from the iTunes podcast directory for the above listed reasons. I also encourage anyone who views any of this companies podcasts to contact their sponsors and ask them to stop sponsoring their shows immediately as this sheds poor light on their company.