What's Wright with Nick Wright

Reviews For What's Wright with Nick Wright

I love Nick's take on everything. Seriously. He understands the value of entertainment during his show. Makes great use of the 610 text line and Twitter while on the air. He has a unique perspective, is a good listener and forms solid opinions in sports talk. Loves his Chiefs and you can't fault him for that.
Great podcasts, Nick! I enjoy all the fun poking you do with Fescoe. It's one of the best parts of the show. Keep up the good work and remember, never become an asshat!
I enjoy the podcast because I don't always have the time to listen to the show. Young talent with fresh insight give h a chance. Check out feb 12 pc they are excellent interview with Ryan l fr the royals and they discuss personal challenges! Personally I found it a great starting point for people who are struggling with addiction. This could Lead to an Emmy nomination.
Used to listen to this podcast for ku and kc sports, but it isn't put on iTunes everyday and I'd rather listen same day otherwise it's old news/topics. Good show if podcast kept current.
Even though I am not a Kansas City "girl" at heart. I will download the last 10 podcasts that are availiable and give it a listen. Nick is smart, very witty and passionate about KC sports. If you are a Kansas Citian, this is worth a listen.