Reviews For The Lichten Lifestyle - Hormonal Health

Excellent source of information. My husband and I live in Delaware and flew to Michigan to see Dr. Lichten, after being frustrated and fed up with our own family physician who just shrugs his shoulders and band-aids health issues. Finally, a physician who is concerned with not only our good health; but the quality of our life. Through this podcast, I know more about him, his personal health philosophy and goals, than the physician we’ve been seeing for years. Dr. Lichten spent two hours with us, going over our blood work and health concerns compared to the mere minutes we get to discuss our concerns with our hometown family physician. It was well worth the trip. Meeting him in person was just what you would expect from such a knowledgeable and thoughtful person. It is really a treat to listen to our own doctor talk about so many issues that are important to us. I hope he continues this podcast for many years to come.