Reviews For The Church at Brook Hills Audio Podcast

Thanking God for the leadership at BH that loves Jesus and draws me closer to Him by example and teaching .
The joining of my spirit to that of the Spirit of God has been enhanced as a result of listening to Matt. I came out of the School of Atheism, to find the light of Christ many years ago, but the teachings I am receiving through the Podcast solidifies my turning from my sinful life, into a life of grace and love of Jesus. Matt brings the Gospel of Christ to life, and it meets the needs that I have for it meets my intellectual curiosity, but more than that he brings the Light to the point where I see my darkness and know that I can be whole and a new man rejuvenated daily.
I’ve been an avid listener of the church since before Matt Mason became the preaching pastor. I’ve never been to Birmingham, or to this church, but God has used the Christ-centered, gospel-focused, Scripture-driven messages to bring me closer to Him. I cannot recommend it’s highly enough!
focused on the word, Christ-centered, gospel-centered and focused on God's mission to go and make disciples of all nations for the glory of God. / Centrado en la palabra, centrado en Cristo, centrado en el evangelio y centrado en la misión de Dios de Ir y Hacer Discípulos de todas las naciones para la gloria de Dios. #AmoLaIglesia
Love BH. Love Matt Mason. Love this podcast.
David Platt is one of the best bible teachers I have heard. This podcast is well worth the time.
I've been searching for a podcast that submits to God's word and allows His word to convict the heart. David Platt does not make any of this about himself…he let's the Lord speak through him. We need more podcasts like this…more that point right to the Lord!
i appreciate the intentionality of Brook Hills in continually presenting the gospel and it's implications in every message. i need to be reminded about the pervasiveness of the good news constantly, because i always forget how important it actually is. thank you for providing me a resource to use for killing my self-centeredness, so i may become more God-centered.
One of the few preachers who teaches the unfiltered Word of God. On point.


By BParkm
God bless this church
Platt teaches the word without watering it down. You don't get that many places any more!! Thank you
I appreciate that he preaches the Bible. Not opinion or not tradition, just the Bible. It's hard to hear it without conviction setting in and God revealing things in my own life I need to fix. Thanks for making this available!
David Platt is in my opinion one of the top 5 Bible teachers in America. It is nice in a world full of false teachers to have some good biblically grounded ones as well. Such as David Platt and Matt Chandler, etc. praise God for these shepherds!!!
Can't get enough of his teaching!
Platt is like a robot that is programed to quote giant blocks of scripture and preach passionate, challenging sermons. If you want to be challenged and encouraged in the Gospel, download everything you can find that he's preached. My only complaint and reason for the four stars instead of five has nothing to do with the content, because it's better than five stars... It's that the audio is so whisper quiet I have to literally max out my volume in my vehicle to hear the sermon and when Platt speaks softly I can't hear him at all (and I'm 29, so hopefully my hearing isn't that far gone already). Very appreciative to the Church at Brook Hills for making all of this available, but please turn up the volume! Thanks!
David preaches what God wants us to hear not what we want to hear. True and faithful to the Word!!!!!
David Platt may not realize this, but he is the spiritual mentor for countless men and women across the globe who are hearing what the Holy Spirit is moving Him to write/speak. I thank my God through Jesus Christ for Him, because his Faith is proclaimed in all the world!
I am absolutely grateful to David Platt for allowing us to listen in on the teaching his flock receives week in and week out. These Podcasts are priceless, yet this sound Biblical teaching is free of charge. Thank you!!!
I love david platts books and sermons!
First I really need to thank God for bringing the urgency and clarity of His Gospel back to the Church and then thanks also to Pastor Platt for having a tender enough heart to see the truth of Scripture for what it is and loving enough to speak the truth for what it is. The way these messages are presented have radically change the direction of my Christian walk and also the way the lead at the Church where I have the privilege to pastor. God bless!


By Ryanj5
Love everything about David Platt and what this church is doing. The reason for only 4 stars is because the audio is SO QUIET! It's hard to hear unless my speakers are turned to the max. Whoever is in charge of would be awesome to fix that bc it's such good stuff!
This guy actually teaches the Bible. He actually proclaims the WORD of GOD. When did this go out of style? Why does this make him unique? He preaches directly from the most ubiquitous textbook on the planet. I love this guy.
This will completely change your view of Christianity. Are you willing to count the cost of discipleship? Are you really following after Christ with abandonment? The title is appropriate. It is radical. Be ready to be confronted with the truth. Then embrace it as we reach a lost and dying world.
How can I ever live the same life. Changed by Christ's truth forever.
I first heard Dr. Platt last summer at a student life conference in South Carolina. From the first few minutes of the very first sermon I knew that it was definitely God speaking not Dr. Platt. Since then I have heard many sermons delivered by Dr. Platt (some more than once) and each time I listen, I come away having learned something new from God that I have been able to apply to my everyday life. God is truly doing great things through Dr. Platt and will continue as long as he will let Him. I am looking forward to learning more in the times to come. Since last summer, God has used Dr. Platt to help me realize my calling to full-time ministry. I would publicly like to thank Dr. Platt for being so willing to be used by God; he will definitely be blessed for his service. Thank you and God bless,
If you want to be challenged in your faith, Dr. Platt will not disapoint you in bringing the thunder!