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I’ve been listening to this podcast for many years and it’s one of those shows that never seems to evolve or grow up but it’s still enjoyable much of the time. They are at times very spoily and while they do give a warning it is often very short before they jump right into it and even on things that are new. Probably one of my least favorite things about the show is the guests they have on fairly often, at least half of them add nothing to the show and in fact, detract from it with weird tangents. It seems like a show that is stuck in the past, which seems to work for their community as they to also feel stuck in the past and haven’t quite evolved in a way.Overall I would say give the show try and if they’re weird brand of humor strikes you then you may enjoy the show, I just wish they would do more of what makes the show good and not what is keeping them where they are.
I’m not gonna bother with this review, just read what the “Werewolf” guy said previously.
I find a lot of video game podcasters annoying, but these guys strike the right balance between joking around and discussing what’s good or bad about the games they’re playing. Plus you don’t have to endure or skip past a bunch of super annoying ad breaks.
I feel this show is best described as a werewolf masturbating in a flower bed. It is strange, unexpected, and you may not understand what or why it is happening. Nevertheless, there is a disturbing beauty that is impossible to look away from; and you might even learn something about yourself for liking it. May your podcast garden forever grow from this magic moisture.
4Player Podcast is full of gamers who know their stuff, they put many other podcasters to shame with the sheer content they put out on such a limited budget. However with all things comes a catch, and that catch is the man named Chris Davis. You liekly won't catch it during the actual recording, but this man is a very toxic part of the community, and can deter many a newcomer. Chris has an uncaring and downright brash attitude towards chatters when he streams, and will often have the moderators silence anyone who disagrees with his opinions or choices. Besides this point, 4PP is a great podcast to listen to.
Way too smug
The guys deliver honest reviews of the latest games and will call trash when they see it. They also open your eyes to overlooked gems in the game industry. Keep up the great work!
I've tried listening to quite a few gaming podcasts and this is the only one that truly satisfies my thirst. Not only are they extremely informative on everything going on in the gaming world but they also go remarkably in-depth with all of their impressions on the games they play. It feels like listening to a group of friends talk about video games. Feeling lonely? Just pop on a 4PP podcast and they're cheer you right up.
Been listening for 5 years and still the only gaming podcast I trust.
You guys crack me up and your reviews are great it’s good to get different opinions you guys are genuine with them as well best podcast when it comes to games keep up the good work
these guys offer a wide variety of perspectives on a lot of different tastes in games. funny but can get heated, which shows they’re all pretty passionate
Long time listener. I love these guys and have since middle school, eclectic mix of tastes that makes it fun for everyone.
Great game discussion with a nice mix of views
I've been listening to this podcast for about 7 years now and it has been my main source for video game news. Love everyone on the podcast, keep up the good work <3
I 1st heard of 4player back in my high school days and are the reason I ever learned about podcasts in the 1st place. They always maintain a nice schedule of gaming and discussions that other high end reviews tend to forget about. I'd totally recommend checking this podcast out.
A very fun and entertaining podcast, and yes even when Chris Davis is filling in. So give them a listen you’ll get some witty banter, nerdy comic talk, movie and tv reviews, and yes video games even some mobile games. This is a great podcast to get great opinions from video game fans point of view.
These guys get along and argue great, getting to the point needed to be fleshed out either way. Long time listener, and will for a long time. Whether you frequent games or not as much as you like (me) these guys keep us informed if the good schtuff.
These guys are the only voice I trust about video games anymore. They put this show on for us out of a love of video games rather than a love of money. I've been a loyal fan for over 5 years now. Each week is like a great hangout with pals rather than a litany of complaints and criticisms about the video game industry.
This is the only gaming podcast I listen to. Used to listen to more but dropped them all in favor of this one (less time to listen to podcasts). The guys have a great rapport. I may not agree with everything they say or even care for some of the games they mention. But they are passionate about what they do & I enjoy good good discussion
I have been watching 4PP since 2009 and its the only podcast I've stuck with. They each have different personalities that come together to make a fun, informative and dedicated podcast. I highly reccomend listening to them if you're into video games and like to have a fun time with great people that are passionate about what they like to do!
Awesome and loyal podcast for discussing and critiquing video games. I look forward for new episodes every week!
This podcast is something I look forward to every week keep up the great work guys !
Been listening to these guys for a few years now. They offer great opinions and insight on gaming industry. Fun dynamic and personalities between 4PN members allow for great discussions... and there's also Carlos.
I have been listening for years. The guys do a great job covering and discussing a wide array of games. I have discovered and enjoyed countless indie gems because of this podcast. Very entertaining as well, I find myself laughing every week.
These guys have excellent pacing and flow to each of their weekly podcasts and provide many chances to interact with a fun community. The only place you need for solid video game impressions, analysis, and news! 4player is the best there is! Do yourself a favor and give it a listen!
Long time listener. A great group of people. Really feels like a group of friends (or frienemies...) chilling around and talking about mostly video games. Great and close community; they're very consistent with releases.
Very informative and funny group with great chemistry. I listen to this podcast during my daily commute to school.
This is a gaming podcast that strikes the right balance of amateur and professional. A fair amount of funny off topic talking and joking, but they always get back to what the podcast is about. And you can always feel that underneath it all they take the podcast, and their site, seriously, which I appreciate.
Haven't stopped watching in 7 years, fantastic podcast. These guys came a long way and I've never been more impressed by any other gaming podcast.
I love these guys, I've been a fan for years and they are still funny as ever! They're honestly one of the best video game podcasts out there that I've ever seen. They always have great knowledge and input as to what's going on in the world of gaming, and they are always consistent with their schedule.
Hands down one of the best video game podcasts out there, these guys occasionally drift into some of the most hilarious conversations I have ever heard. You owe it to yourself to check this podcast out!
Highly insightful opinions on current gaming news sprinkled in with some madness and mayhem! I never miss an episode, keep it up!
Lots of video game podcasts are a group of friends jovially having a conversation. 4PP’s strength is that it manages to make the listener feel as if they’re part of that conversation. While the production quality of the show is top-notch, the hosts don’t feel like media-trained speakers. Individual foibles and qualities come through and give the show a gregarious touch.
4Player was my first podcast. For years since then, this crew of gamers has kept me entertained, through all of the great funny conversations they have and the intense debates over the latest video games. Hey person, do you like games? Do you like crazy grommet jokes? well 4player is the place for you!
Pros - Good knowledge of games. - Good chemistry - They have fun Cons - Often biased to one system. - Some don't even have other systems. (Come on guys invest in your career) - Screaming into the mic - Immature - A couple of the guys are too closed minded.
I've listened to 4Player for a long time now and these guys are really great. I feel like things have gotten a little less goofy recently, but it's still truly a pleasure to (essentially) sit in on a group of your friends talking about the video games that they love (or hate).
Really great. They deserve so many more viewers and listeners.
This is probably one of the top 3 video gaming podcasts you will find. Recently they seem to have hit a really good groove in podcasting and are making really enjoyable podcasts. Just give them a try
Its good and humorous but cocktail time was a great weekly episode they used to put out and they havent put one out in many months
Hey 4pp. Been a fan for a while now, and have watched how much you have grown. Unfortunately, I have noticed your itunes podcasts wither. Before you had so much content, but now it seems slim. You should try something new, like what you used to do with lunch time discussions! Update- Still slow on updates, but now they no longer upload cocktail times O.O
Hey there, i appreciate the podcast. I have been a long time fan and subscribed here. I will continue to support 4PN in their endenvors.
4pp, Giantbomb and PC Gamer are the best of all the video game podcasts.
Really you'll learn a lot and laugh.
Seriously! Check these guys out, they are the best gaming podcast online today, no bullcrap, no politics, no economic advertisment sponser deal crap, these guys are just the best! if your not listeing to them, your missing out big time!
Been following 4Player on and off for 3 years, and it keeps getting better. These guys continue to offer bigger and better reviews, impressions, etc. year after year. Excited for 2014!
I have been sticking with this podcast for years now, and I have to say that this is one of my go-to podcasts to listen to. They give me laughs and provide me with current trends in the video game industry.
Congrats sir and or madam, look no further. If you be in the search for current and entertaining gaming news, with a side of tangents and occasional shenanigans, you are in the right place. 4 Player podcast is without a doubt, the highlight of my work week. The hosts are without a doubt, the most tightly knit and well balanced cast of any podcast I’ve ever come across. Their corresponding site and listener base is an amazing community, and they as hosts do an even better job of making themselves accessible to us. It’s a great back and forth process between listening, Q and A, and the future episodes to follow. So do it. Jump down the rabbit hole and take a listen. Stay for a while. Hell, click that subscribe button right now. You’re future self will thank you.
I've listened to endless hours of this podcast. These guys are not only hilarious, but also knowledgable and intelligent when it comes to the gaming industry.
I listened to your last podcast and heard you say to go write a review... So here you go! Awesome podcast, been watching the streams since 09' always love the interesting opinions on what you guys have on games and you say lots of hilarious stuff that makes me laugh every loud! I always love to listen to the podcast while playing a game or on car rides. Thanks for giving me a great gaming podcast to listen to! From Thejeloman in chat.