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Awesome but it is too short.It should be longer.
I love these songs their so a AWESOME!!!!!!!!
Everything from above: You rock and all I could more ask for would be to have the songs like keep going for a while. Thanks::))::))
I looked every where.I could not find it.I wish I could put zero stars.👎
i love this but i don't do clubpenguin any more.......and come on the songs are just like only 1 minute for real really??!!!!? but i have had them on my ipod for like a year.... and SSD penguin is WAY better than warriormax89 but emilio & pete is okay cuz their songs are like more than 1 MINUTE LONG I MEAN COM'N REALLY WOW THIS IS THE SECOND TIME I HAVE SAID THIS :D
Rox btw I'm limadude and I go on cp sleet


Thanks! I have been looking for a podcast that has Club Penguin songs! I would reccomend this to Club Penguin lovers! Thanks, again! Great songs
Well, I just got done uploading 14 more. Hope you're happy. Seems as though you don't like Club Penguin Music. After all, that's what it is! Sheesh, I haven't had the time to do a full fledged audio podcast, so I'm putting the music out there until I get the chance to make a real one. And I'm definitely gonna keep making episodes, thank you. SSD
Dude, this is like the lamest club penguin podcast EVER. I mean, it's only 1 minute long! Dude, and you only have 1 podcast, C'MON, GET REAL! Do us all favor and stop making podcasts.
First Review very funny song