Quilts 'n Kids

Reviews For Quilts 'n Kids


Love the podcast. Interesting subjects and Michele does her homework. Great voice too.
This is a great podcast. To listen to Michele talk is like having her right in your sewing room. I love her information, her laughter, her reviews, and the way she shares about herself and her family. I feel like I should have two cups of tea ready when I listen to her podcasts, one for her and the other for myself. I look forward to hearing many months and years of Quilts 'n Kids. Thank you Michele.
Hey Michelle - I love your podcast and I hope you continue to be inspired to produce it! I am so happy that quilters are picking up the microphone and letting us into their quilt studio. Keep up the GREAT work - Allison from Within A Quarter Inch.
Michele does a great job. Love the chatting and the information. Perfect combination. I always go away from it inspired. Thank you so much for doing this podcast. I hope you keep it up. Brye Lynn Sew ~ Stitch ~ Create!