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I agree with another reviewer, while I like listening to the guests - who are usually quite interesting. Frater Puck seems likable - but he should ask better questions in general, and refrain from laughing agreeably after every guest answer. Call-ins might add some interest.
The premise of this show is fantastic, but it seems to be lacking in how it pursues its goal. Perhaps the problem lies in the interviewers style. As much as I like Frater Puck, I have to wonder if laughing after everything the guests say is really the best way to present an interview. Maybe that's just my own pet peeve. Still, I'll keep listening if you keep putting them out there. Thanks.
This show leaves most other occult-themed podcasts spinning in its wake. The guests and production quality are top of the line.
I am not a Thelemite. I am just a contemporary guy. But this is just all around a good show. I have heard interviews with several of my favorite musicians and their intimate experience of art, including the mighty Jarboe, and Daniel Ash. I encourage the curious to check it out.


By Lleedia
Nice Daniel Ash interview
This show had a great start, interviewing many occult luminaries. That is until the host discovered that he could use this gig to satisfy every fanboy's dream: to gush to his idols. Now, all the shows are interviews with musicians with a pinch of occult discussion. The announcer says that it's a podcast about Crowley, Magick, and ritual. I hope it eventually veers back in that direction.
This twice-monthly podcast typically has easy to digest 30-50 minute episodes covering one interview. I really enjoy the mix of content from week to week: interviews with musicians, artists, authors, publishers and others. Some weeks the content is deeply philosophical and other weeks are quite light and entertaining. All of the episodes touch on subjects or artists connected to Thelema or Crowley's work in one way or another, however they don't generally fixate on Thelema or the OTO, and may be of interest to a wider audience. Close to a third of the first two dozen episodes are interviews with musicians, largely focused on post-punk & industrial musicians of the '80s. While I like the bands and the interviews, it seems just a touch much compared to the other subjects. I'd love to hear more interviews like the ones with David Chaim Smith and Daniel Gunther which provide a lot of food for thought. Keep up The Great Work!
Cogent and engaging, it is great to see a pod cast focusing on issues that are of significance to all Seekers of Light, Life, Love and Liberty!
If they could only think outside the books they'd be better. On the plus side, they have Jim Wasserman for the first episode, but it's still a regurgitation of Aleister Crowley's writings.
One podcast so far, but it's very informative. The interview with Wasserman is very indepth. Look forward to hearing more!