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By Lea K
Lynn is truly amazing. Her knowlege of Astrology is briliantly blended with her intuitive nature and comes through as a genuine, down to earth approach in helping those who come to her. A true Alchemist in her own life makes her the perfect guide in helping others understand the seemingly complicated maze of their own journey. Thanks so much Lynn.. I just love your podcasts and the knowlege you so easily pass along. Lea
Lynn is unique. Her topics are fascinating and she provides information that most do not, at least in my experience. For example, the show on Uranus in December was most enlightening. She talks about when the planet was discovered, the meaning in terms of Greek and Roman mythology, etc. That is far more interesting to me personally than simply a forecast of what is coming, though not to say that isn't also of interest. It is just that Lynn's analysis is clearly more thoughtful and wholistic......and all around fascinating. My only complaints are 1)technologically speaking, too often the sound is warbled or off, not all the time but often enough, and 2) greeting the callers generally ends up with having to hear Lynn & callers say HI multiple times and continually cut each other off so the wait through the greetings can be tedious. Having said that, the quality of the podcasts in general os still A+_. those complaints are minor and should not deter listeners.
Love it!
I must have something in my chart like a Jupiter transit that had my husband give me an Ipod which lead me in the direction of podcasts. This has been a breath of fresh air for me because I have been interested in astrology most of my life and listening to Lynn's show has answered many questions and put astrology in a positive perspective. It's almost like living in a foreign country and finding someone who speaks your language. Thank you!
I've been listening to this podcast for a while now, and Lynn has a great knack for taking the complexity of astrology and breaking it down to a level that even beginners can understand. Every week there's a different topic, and each one is more interesting than the one before. I also find it interesting to listen to the calls that Lynn takes every week - it's amazing how she can find the answers in the charts of the callers right there on the spot.
So sorry that I'm feeling the need to write this negative review but the quality of the podcast is so bad from a technical standpoint, I couldn't continue to listen. Really quite a shame. Sounds similar to listening to someone calling from a cell phone with a bad connection.
Lynn explains the complex workings of astrology well. She is positive and very informative. Well worth the time.
I have been an astrologer for many years and truly appreciate the insight that Lynn brings to this podcast. I very much appreciate her viewpoints and "take" on things. In addition I like that she is not shy about bringing her own esoteric"stuff" to the table. The lecture portions are great and she really knows her topics. The call in readings are very insightful and well done. I recommend this for beginners and advanced listeners.
I know that Lynn's assessment of the Planets are very accurate. She has pin pointed things in my life the Psychics missed.
This is a companion podcast to Astrological Musings, Lynn Hayes' astrology blog on BeliefNet. It's always topical, informative and entertaining. The show is usually divided into 2 parts: the first part addresses the astrology of a current event or of current transits, and the 2nd part usually consists of taking listener's questions on the phone or via the chat option at blogtalk radio. For free. Isn't that generous? Rarely, Lynn has deviated from this format to broadcast her interviews with astrologers.
Lynn Hayes has vast experience in the astrology field and it shows when she does her show on Blogtalk radio. I've had the pleasure of not only hearing the show but also having readings done by Lynn. She is very methodical about communicating information. It is obvious Lynn wants to ensure what she tells her readers/listeners is accurate. I've had readings from multiple astrologers over the years and Lynn ranks as one of the best!
Lynn's take on astrology and her perception of what's going on with the planets, relative to our lives as individuals, is quite impressive. I learn something significant every time I listen, and there's always something she says that pertains directly to my life--right when I'm listening. It;s like magic. I highly recommend her podcasts.