Reviews For Ramjack

I will type this as quietly as possible, so as not to disturb the other patrons in the library Alex has started recording from.
Everyone. Pay attention to this podcast. It will change the world. Listen to these two guys try to understand the world around them as they huddle together watching 90s sitcoms while trading alliances over the impending dolphin uprising. Only on Ramjack can you hear one man slowly going mad and the other slowly making a poster. Did I mention the safety sloth?
These guys took my podcast virginity (well, it was my second virginity). They really pinned and creamed me! Now I'm strangely addicted to listening to this critically acclaimed blend of the best of the 80's and the worst of today. Think the world looks perfect? Nothing to rearrange? Then you need to meet Tori - she needs some kind of change. Ramjack covers all your time changing needs, from Saved by the Bell to Lost and beyond (Perfect Strangers, please!). You'll travel across oceans of time using patented tornado technology to visit cherished memories of holiday specials past and glimpse the terrifying future when we finally bow to our insect masters. Streaks on the china will matter in ways you never imagined. Deals will be dealt. Dove promises will be made. Scorecards will be checked. Caprices will be capered. Come correct, and you might even walk away with your own safety sloth. Ramjack! It's suffering will be legendary, even in Connecticut!
Okay, so it's not quite *infinite* peril, but it approaches infinity. There's an asymptote there, for sure. The power of Ramjack lies in the hosts' ability to pick out seemingly random (possibly stupid) things and make you care about them. For example, I'm watching Charles in Charge RIGHT NOW. Why? Ramjack, sucka. I also watched Return to Sleepaway Camp the other night, and it changed my life. I don't know how you do it, Ramjack, but keep doing it.
The boys of Ramjack bring you their unique perspective on life, the arts, TV and movies. Their recaps and reviews of an offbeat selection of movies and Eighties television are equal parts thoughtful perspective and gleeful skewering. Whether discussing current pop culture or delving into the deviant depths of furries, hoarders, strange addicts, and the baby jeezo, their wit will have you laughing and craving more!
If I were to envision the perfect podcast, it probably would just end up being what Ramjack already exemplifies. Alex and Brad discuss the most important news of the world, highlight some of the "best" movies and TV out there, and prepare us for what to do when presented with some of life's most difficult choices....so just rest assured that when you listen your way to the other side of an installment of Ramjack, you're all the better for it.
Better than most things that are of less quality and value!
Great podcast guys. But leave my shorts alone! I look forward to my summer months of wearing shorts and sandals. Don't take them away from me with your anti-pants administration!
Hey, this is Jon Pernisek, the guest featured in Episodes 6-8! Ramjack is a fantastic way to spend your podcastin' time, so subscribe today. Alex and Brad's way of dissecting cinematic obscurities, lambasting religion and finding curiosity-piquing nuggets from today's headlines will rock your world. Remember: God hates divorce, everything is perfectly fine, and you are unconditionally, irrevocably in love with Ramjack. This review brought to you by the Popery II, which is in no way a small robot with the ability to kill you and your loved ones.
Not only does this show give me an interesting, new perspective on current events, it fills me with belly laughs and puts me in a better mood. Keep the new shows coming.