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I can only imagine this pod doesn’t have more reviews because listeners don’t want their league mates aware of the gold. These guys are the best in the business & enjoyable to listen to.
The episodes with Greg Cosell are the best NFL podcasts that exist. Enjoy the rest of the crew as well.
I listen to and enjoy every podcast from Fantasy Guru, but the one with John Hansen and Greg Cosell is imperative for any fantasy player. Both of them clearly know their stuff, and it's not just clichéd numbers. They watch the tape and can break down concepts. They can really help you get a feel for stuff beyond the numbers. If a guy is struggling, they can tell you if it's legitimate or if everything in the team's scheme points to them breaking out. This isn't just a fantasy podcast, either. I've learned more about football in general from listening to John and Greg than anywhere else the past few years.
Have been using the guru for years. Haven't missed a playoffs yet!
John Hansen and Greg Cosell are perfect combo. John keeps it light while providing insider insight and Cosell brings the info and tape analysis. Add it to your pods. You won't be disappointed.
Ie subscribed to this podcast for 3 years. The content has never been in question; these guys know their stuff. I was hoping over this time that the sound quality of the shows would improve, but they have actually gotten worse! Now they don't even do the wrap up show on Sundays, which I thought set them apart. Thanks for the memories but had to move on
Love the content but sound quality is consistently bad, especially for guests that dial in.
I have 42 fantasy football podcast subscriptions. People ask "If I had to listen to one, what is it?" This is it. Enough said.
While I respect the effort to put out a podcast, take your job seriously. The sound is awful on the podcast. It sounds like I'm listening to a phone call between two high school gym teachers. There's a certain vibe that can be achieved when the hosts aren't in the same room. The audio quality is poor. At one point the audio completely drops out for a minute only to hear the host say " can you hear me? I can hear you " it's like come on man. Take some pride in your product. This guy is pumping out some solid information but it's difficult to hang in there and listen to it with the quality. I'm almost certain this guy charges people for his fantasy info.. come on now bro.. Take that money and give your subscribers a solid podcast.
I like the podcast every time they have one! Hansen knows his stuff, Cosell is always a great guest, Joe Dolan does great as well. Not enough podcast is my only issue, wish I could hear the Guru everyday!
Probably the most informative ff podcast out there, but the audio/sound quality is a trainwreck. This weeks preseason podcast was basically unlistenable. Fix the audio issues and easy five stars.


The content is great. I don't understand why you would put all the time and effort into producing a top notch podcast and have audio that is absolute rubbish. It's unbearable (anywhere from straining to hear to blowing my eardrums). I truly hope it gets resolved.
I do love the info but, I wish it were a little smoother question then answer. Before the host can ask the question a lot of time Greg will just interrupt him then when he does, he does something to the mic where it sounds like he's yelling. From the previous reviews others have said this and obviously they don't care. The info is great. It would be nice if they would AT LEAST acknowledge the sound quality. Apparently business is good and their actions are saying deal with it.
Like many others have stated, the info is great but the auido quality is terrible. Could someone suggest to Greg that he not breathe into the receiver/microphone?
Love the content of fantasy advice, but the sound levels are all over the map. Is it possible you guys listen to your podcast before publishing it? I'm not trying to be hateful. I do love the information, but my Holy Baby Jesus!, the sound fluctuations makes this hard to listen to. Shape up, fellas
Greg Cosell is really good, but Hansen is more concerned about trying to talk up his projections, even when he's wrong. Sound quality is TERRIBLE. One guy will barely be loud enough to hear, and then another will blast out your ears. Lately they can't even consistently put out a weekly preview podcast.
I love the website and expert analysis offered by the Fantasy Guru. The only problem and it's a BIG one is that their podcasts are not well done. I just sat through 8 minutes of lost connections, "are you there?"'s, and "let's try this again". Clean this up. Do a professional job and you'll overtake the likes of CBSsports and ESPN. Your content is better than theirs but your presentation is terrible.
I'd like to start out by saying I am a subscriber. And I will continue to be a subscriber. But the sound quality of this podcast is atrocious. These guys have the best information in all of fantasy football. The way they get it across in this podcast does a disservice to their website. Some of the money from the website might be used to buy a $200 recording device and maybe some good microphones. These phone interviews are unbecoming of the experts they are. Once again great information. The best. But the sound quality sounds like an amateur podcast me and my buddy would put together. And were idiots. I love you guys and your information. But please try to borrow the satellite studios or just get an ISDN line and make it sound professional.
I have been listening to podcasts from other fantasy football sites and get some daily listening on XM, but nothing matches the punch of FantasyGuru's preseason podcasts. John facilitates the discussion at a healthy clip -- No filler. He and his expert guests not only tell you who they like but give you the "why", too. They go beyond just player analysis to give you strategic advice on how to approach a draft or an auction. If you want jocularity and chest-beating conversation, go to other sites and radio shows, but if you want get-to-the-point, relevant information and analysis that gives you a definite competitive advantage, download and listen to the FantasyGuru podcasts.
Excellent definitive analysis of all aspects of the fantasy football world
John Hansen is the guru for a reason. No need to listen to any other podcast. He makes Eisenberg and Richard at CBS seem like amateurs.
Simply the best.
There's a million talking heads out there that just fill air time talking nonsense. Hanson and Caplan together bring you the sensibleanalysis that you need to cut through the mindless FF chatter that is out there.
Good insights but way to much background noise (squeaky chair, rifling thru drawers, etc). Also guests are at different volumes. Please clean it up!
So helpful and in depth. Professionally done with great info and insight. Thank you for making this.
Perfect compliment to the website.
Unreal how good they are. More unreal that so few seem to follow
Great info and I love listening to the podcast while working.
I'm in three leagues and I win at least one every year because of the information I get from this podcast.


By MBoudet
John Hanson always has a wealth of information and has helped me win year after year. He really is GURiffic!
Oh I hate to rate John Hansen & crew's fantasy guru podcast 5 stars for the simple, selfish fact that I want this insight all to myself and I do not want the other owners in my league to get any wiser. In my tough league, I have made the playoffs for 6 years straight including a threepeat as league champ, although that was two long, cold years ago. This podcast and my subscription to their site is a big part of the reason I tend to have a strong team. As much as it kills me to say it publicly, these guys are the best there is.
If your a huge Fantasy Football fan this is hands down the best coverage. Greg breaks down the tape and lets you know what's really going on. Adam tells you want he sees going on the sidelines plus gives inside information on injury reports. Then there is Mr. Guru John Hanson with his fantasy instinct brings it all together in the fantasy football world.
Love the podcast. Keep up the matchup show is the best. Thanks Sean from Philly. Also John I miss your show on Comcast.
The Guru gives you the best information in the business. This podcast gives you valuable information on waiver wire tips, setting your lineup and overall strategy. Check out there website too. It's is well worth the subscription.
Pure fantasy knowledge. Hits hard and fast.
Best Podcast out there. Gives great insight about fantasy players.
The most logical FREE fantasy talk. Greg Cossell is as close to genius as you get.
This is not your typical "who do I start?" fantasy football show - in fact, I'd argue that it's not really a fantasy football podcast, with three best-in-biz co-hosts: Greg Cosell is a skills-and-schemes guru that provides more insight than you'll get almost anywhere else; Adam Caplan is one of the most plugged-in NFL guys you'll find; and John Hanson is the top fantasy football expert out there. It really is the best football podcast you'll find in the known universe.
These guys know football. They study the game and players and know what it takes to help you win FF championship.
I have been listening for 3 years and have been league champ twice, and lost in super bowl once. These guys know their stuff!
Fantasy Guru is the best there is!
I really enjoy the information John, Adam and Greg provide - their analyses have depth and consideration and I always learn something. My wish is that they could somehow improve the audio quality of the broadcast - specifically the widely varying volumes and sound quality of the various voices. I realize the show is done with each person in a different location so audio perfection isn't likely. But Greg's voice is often extremely loud compared to John's or Adam's; you can hear Greg breathing into his phone; John and Adam sometimes sound like they're speaking through tin cans, etc. You end up cranking the volume to hear one person speak and then have your ears blasted when another, louder speaker chimes in, etc. Again, it's a free podcast - as the old saying goes, "What do you want for nothing?" But it would be great if the quality of the sound could more closely match the quality of the information being presented. That, in my book, would merit five stars! All that being said, they do a great job both on the podcasts and on their Web site!
The guys from fantasy guru have the best fantasy football podcast around. They are very informative and detailed in their analysis.
Simply put the best fantasy podcast. Period.
Simply put it is the best service out there for fantasy. Try it and you'll start winning!
Smartest man alive period!
Jon Hansen has been winning and helping guys win for over 17 years. He's head and shoulders about all other fantasy analysts out there.
The only reason people don't review this podcast more is because they don't want other fantasy players to discover their secret weapon...John Hansen, Greg Cosell and Adam Caplan.
He is the Guru and your not.... Great insight and info.