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Very funny!!


By Flonk2
I am writing this review so the show appears popular to the iTunes computers.
Hey, they're pretty good. They write sketches and answer the mail sent in by their legion of dicks. I dunno,they said we should write them a review and they might give us a frosted chocolate milkshake. I'll be waiting….
Original Review: Used to be very funny. Now it's just not. Needs to develop some bits that are funny. Calling your audience "dicks" isn't funny. These guys have the potential to be very funny, but they need to focus less on plugging the guests and more on finding actual humor. But on the upside, if you give it a negative review on iTunes, they read it in its entirety and sound like whiners. New Review: Now has more bits! They've really upped their game and since they've implemented my original suggestions, the show has improved greatly.
I dig this show quite a bit but because I started late, I'm still not quite sure what it's about. It seems to be about two men constantly professing their love to each other on a weekly basis. Mix in some pop culture references, swearing, and an overall sense that they're absolutely gay, and you get the Sarcastic Voyage.
I do enjoy this show, its just it was better. I know from what has been said that the theme shows were not popular with the vast majority of listeners, but I for one did enjoy them. Espically the Star Trek ones, DS9 for sure. I will continue to listen, but I just wish that the format had not changed as it has. Well that's all, I'm going to stop typing now.
Listening to the podcast, I'd have a difficult time believing they've only been doing this since the Fall. As they'll admit, they're still playing around with the format, which honestly is important in developing a good program and keeping it fresh. I've personally skipped a number of podcasts that were more focused on discussion of specific topics, as some said topics don't interest me, but when they get a good guest on the show it's usually worth my time. I'm also happy to see "Aalgar" coming out and being less afraid/worried about offending someone, be it guests or listeners; both hosts are definitely more comfortable now.
These gents are pro-fessionals. Great banter, a deep knowledge (and love) of comics, and much high- and lowbrow silliness. And I don't know these guys from Adam. Listen to a few episodes. They'll feel like old friends in no time. I promise.
Sometimes the podcast goes on a little longer than it should. They've worked out a lot of the audio kinks that kept some of the guests inaudible, but Matt needs to lean away from the mic when he laughs. I'd give this podcast 3.5 stars, but iTunes likes whole numbers so I'll round down to 3. Overall, I like it. AAlgar was never this funny when I was married to him.
Well, no, actually I'm not. Even though I appeared on episode #3, I have nothing but jealosy and rage for AAl and Matt succeeding where I have failed horribly as a podcaster. Still, I must grudgingly concede that it's a pretty damn funny show, and you'll probably enjoy listening to it, even if gin is my only friend and I have to sing myself to sleep every night to the strains of "be careful, Be careful, BE CareFUL!!"
My podcast listening time is limited, but I'll defintely be setting aside a block for The Sarcastic Voyage. Felt should not be THAT funny, but AAl and Matt had me giggling nonetheless.
Great stuff. It reminds me of hanging out with friends and making each other laugh. Only the awkward silences have been edited out.
As funny as it is esoteric. Like Smodcast, except with real slackers.
It is like you are the physical embodiments of the voices in my head. And as far as I know I love the voices in my head so I am sure that means I love you guys.
Like “Keith and the Girl” and “Buzz Out Loud”, This program kept my full attention from beginning to end. I easily subscribe to dozens of different podcasts. Without hesitation, I have to say that this is one of the most accomplished new podcasts I've listened to. It already has structure, a clear point of view, interesting hosts, and excellent humor. I had come upon some of Ron ‘AAlgar’ Watt's previous work several months back, and began looking forward to each new release. When I heard that he was involved in this new project I subscribed immediately with great anticipation. In short, the guy is da*n funny. Unsurprisingly, the first episode of "The Sarcastic Voyage" had me laughing out loud (in a very public place) on multiple occasions. I am genuinely looking forward to subsequent programs. Excellent show! -Thadd Weil
Great stuff. Very funny, maybe a bit long, but this is the getting to know you episode. This episode gives you a lot of background, and some of the 'philosophy' behind the podcast, and two smart and funny geeks specific approaches to humor. It's not all theoretical though, and their riffs on The Incredible Mr. Limpet and the 2010 Vancouver Olympics are especially funny. My only criticism for this really is in regard to my being the chairman of the Downtown Vancouver Crossbow Salesmen Association (DVCSA) and this podcast's misrepresentation of our presence there.
Don't believe it? Listen to the podcast. Like Orson Welles pissed off about peas? Listen to the podcast. Want to hear two geeks gab about all sorts of stuff that doesn't really matter? I think you get it now.