The Mouse and Keyboard Podcast

Reviews For The Mouse and Keyboard Podcast

After hearing Trevor from the Nobody's Listening podcast, I decided to give this one a try even though I'm a "part-time" PC gamer. It's clean, informative, and interesting. Keep up the good work, Trevor! From, AvidHistoryBuff in the NLCast forums
I listen to nlcast and when I heard about mouse and keyboard podcast I decided to check it out and after episode 1 & 2 I fell in love keep up the amazing show Trevor !!!
Just the right length. Host knows topic well. I love that he pulls up older games that are still fun to play. Excellent show.
MK Podcast is a very good podcast that looks to have great potential. There are not very many podcasts out there that actually cover the whole platform of PC gaming, but usually stick to a certain studio like Bungie, or Lionhead. I can't wait to see where this show goes, and plan to be there every step of the way.
Amazing podcast! Concise. Perfect length. I love listening to it and I'm not even a gamer. Hope to hear lots more.
Great show, I wish this show had been out earlier
as a budding nlcast listener i decided to give trevors solocast a listen, and while i don't do a terrible amount of pc gaming (i guess cuz i have a mac,go figure:P ) and i find 2001ish games being called "retro" a tad off, it's not a bad listen. it's not longer than it needs to be, like some podcasts are, the only thing it seems to be missing is a bit of banter between 2 (or more) people. other than that for a podcast only 3 in not to shabby.