Blue Moon Podcast - A Manchester City Show

Reviews For Blue Moon Podcast - A Manchester City Show

Overall, this is an amazing podcast. The hosts are life-long City fans that truly love the club and know its history. Production wise, it’s top notch—up there with the best of the best.
David and his crew do wonderful job every week bring you news about Manchester City. Great guests, fun segments, excellent production and some top music mixed in!
You guys are such a good team you have so much things to talk about my favorite players in the team are aguro and sterling. Ps sorry if I spelled your name wrong. My name is dash give me a shout my B DAY IS tomorrow. I know it’s not your fault that you got kicked out of the champions league for two years
Not only the best podcast for City fans, consistently produced with the highest quality audio and content, but also a superb podcast for all football fans in general.
Like everyone else VAR hit me hard with last weeks sucker punch. Podcast helped to heal the wound a bit. Really enjoyed the estrogen on the pod today. Nothing against the lads. Love them to bits but like the fact that you mix things up. Great job and thanks for doing this.
Fantastic podcast I look forward to every week! Especially love Howard’s monologues!!
As an American, this podcast has been my primary connecting point into a deeper MCFC community. Love the format and appreciate the attention paid to former teams and players as well.
So The Blue Moon Podcast is apparently (and quite contrary to popular belief) NOT a Millwall pod. I know... I was super confused as well. Never the less I continued to listen and it turns out they talk about some tiny club that was founded in 2008 called Manchester City. So I’m a big believer that content > production value. But these guys actually found a way to pair excellent content with high production value. Again, if you’re still confused it’s fine because I too was under the impression that only Millwall Pods can accomplish that amazing feat. David Mooney and the rest of the team are great. And Hockin is a true gem who provides a light hearted segment that is guaranteed to illicit a wry smile from any Blue. 10/10 Would listen again.
Listen from Portland, Oregon, USA every week. Keep it up!
I listen to this podcast every Friday to get the straight scoop on my favorite soccer team. I didn't grow up watch City, but this podcast makes me feel like one of the lads.
Living in the United States it's very difficult to listen/talk about football. I truly love this podcast! Please don't stop! Every morning I wake up, I check to see if there is anything new out yet!


Sam and David do a great job getting different guests week to week. I enjoy the commentary about what's happening now and also on the history of the club.


😁💙 COYB!!
Easily the best Manchester City podcast!
Great podcast! Great content!
I was thrilled when I found this podcast, and even more thrilled after listening to a few episodes. They don’t all have the same opinion, and even better, their opinions aren’t ones of someone who blindly supports our team. They can be critical of the team, while also being supportive. Not only that, but these guys are hysterical. There’s always at least one part in each episode that I have to listen to a couple of times - they’re that funny! I definitely recommend for any City supporter!
I'll simply say that the 2013-14 championship season wouldn't have been the same for me without the accompaniment this podcast provided. The first podcast I ever heard was the club podcast during the Psycho era, but I find I'm enjoying Blue Moon Podcast much more -- nostalgia notwithstanding.
This is the best city podcast and i greatly appreciate all the hard work all of you have put into it. Your website is the best city website out therrre... Keep up the good fight! Does anyone know how to change my iTunes review name


Great podcast and insight from true City fans who are aware of the history an heartache of the club.
Here in the States there isn't a great deal of football coverage in general, let alone City coverage. So it's been a great way to keep informed of the club. It gives a real insight as to what's going on locally with the club in a very witty and informative way. The show is a lot of fun start to finish with the trivia games etc.. Great interviews with former players etc.. gives a real peek behind the curtain so to speak.
Don't stop lads - I enjoyed the first two - keep up the good work