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Honestly over the past 6 to 7 months, Aaron budgen has made learning the word of God simple. I’ve been a Christian for a while but when I learned that I was totally free from the law God it literally feel like I became a Christian for the first time. Aaron there is no way that you can stop what you’re doing.
I've been a Cristian for 24 years now and Aaron's teachings have completely opened my eyes and soul to the truths just out of my grasp since i became a believer. I've been through the bible over 16 times and Aaron shined a floodlight on my limited understanding of scripture. Mr Budgen, if I'm ever in Colorado, i'd love a chance to listen to you in person. It's now on my bucket list! If i dont catch you in this life brother, i'm coming to your mansion right after i stop at Jesus' place to say thank you for all you've done in following God's calling for your life. I simply can't get enough of your teachings and I'm telling everyone I know all the time. Simple...thorough...loving...truth. It's doesn't get any better. Amen!
One if the best podcasts out there. There is a lot of wonderful material here, particularly the verse by verse studies and the Second Temple era episodes.
Wow his teachings have been so life changing for my life. I love the way he exposes the word and explains it! Thanks God for Aaron!!! Alex from san francisco California
I'm gaining so much insight listening through these podcasts. I've listened to a few of them twice, like the last two on the doctrine of the Trinity, and am always being given things to consider and perspectives to see scripture from that never even crossed my mind before. His lessons aren't sermons, per se, but new revelations and teachings on scripture and understanding of God from angles I've never seen from before. I definitely recommend it. I don't know of any other teacher out there who provides the same type of content as Dr. Budjen. He doesn't tell you how to live, but illuminates the meaning of scripture. If you try listening to a few and I think you'll see what I mean.
He has clarified many things about Christianity that I knew were true but I could never quite put words to. It's refreshing to hear someone say Biblically that the Good news is not that your a sinner but that you can have a personal relationship with The Eternal Creator because He has forgiven you and wants to indwell you. Aaron also points out the awkwardness of a system that preaches the continual need for confession for the forgiveness of sins and the doctrine that your sins are already forgiven, past, present and future.
Aaron presents are very logical explanation of the scriptures in a light of the historical and cultural context that surrounds them. Things in the Bible makes sense now!
I've listened to just about every Christian Pastor out there and Aaron Budjen is by far the most detailed, thoughtful and clear in his teachings. Because of him, I have a much clearer understanding of the Law of the Sabbath, the concept of God's forgiveness, the Law of the Tithe, the purpose of Baptism, and many other topics that many Christians struggle with or are confused about. If you want to hear a cerebral approach to the Scriptures that will enlighten you and increase your conviction, Aaron is your man.