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Greg Fitzsimmons is awesome! Great interviews, funny as hell and just an overall good guy. I look forward to his show every week and I’m going through all of the older podcasts now. I’ve never seen him live but if he comes to Dallas I’m there!


By jws7803
Fitz is awful, bad podcast
I’m not sure why this doesn’t get more love. To me it’s up there with Burr and all that
The funniest thing about Greg are his looks, beyond that, there are thousands of funnier podcasts out there, why waste your time on this garbage.
Fitzy was in the group of early podcasters and he really had respect for his audience. He promised two podcasts a week, had interesting guests and was palpably engaged. Fast forward to now: podcasts maybe once a week (by the way, he never acknowledged this frequency change to his audience, he just put fewer out), he's clearly disengaged most of the time (the podcast comes across as a duty rather than a love), and the worst of all: he's got some form of dementia and just blurts out inaccuracies and nonsense with the same conviction that most decent people have with the truth. Uggh. Writing this has made me realize I should probably stop listening, but I continue to because of hope. FITZ, get your groove back!!!
Love this podcast. Greg is smart, funny, and a Great interviewer !
Grapefruit Simmons is the best!!!


Seeing Greg live is a blast!
Greg does a great podcast. Excellent interviewer, super funny guy. I really enjoy his show on Sirius, but I wish that it was a bit longer. Keep up the good work Greg!
A lot of political left meet me in the middle I will always listen but some times delete podcast halfway through when it gets to political , I’m bashed enough for being from the Midwest we didn’t all vote for that moron but did any of them have a choice with the two options they we’re given!
I love me some Grapefruit Simmons. Great guests and always a solid funny interview. He’s a legend!
Great balance of laughs and real talk. Thanks! I’m going to remember to click your amazon link more to not be a douche.
Greg is the best. World class sense of humor. Thanks Greg!
Greg is awesome and his podcast is great! Hilarious, stands up for his beliefs, a class act!
It’s not Virgil or Jake.
Grapefruit Simmons is NOT only a great stand up comedian, but he gives a great interview with other comedians and entertainers. If you’re interested in comedy and the process of how comedy gets created and If you really want to peel back the curtains of the entertainment industry THIS is the podcast for you. Thanks Greg
It took me getting a new phone and changing a few settings to realize i’ve never written a review. Greg is hilarious, and honest. Also even after listening all this time he still surprises me on different takes or opinions he has. A great listen.
Consistently funny.
This is a really great podcast. Always funny with some Serious things thrown in. I love his take on things...
Best podcast!! No matter the guest, always interesting and lively. Even solo.
FDR used to be a bright spot in my week. Since Greg went to NY, episodes have been very boring.
I never thought I would cherish this podcast as much as I do- But it's always the first pod I listen to when it comes out. Greg is a beyond talented interviewer, so real, so funny. Love ❤️ love ❤️ love ❤️
Too much Alison Rosen. She's a poor life choice.
and I happen to love him. Saw him on Comedy Central 20 years ago do a joke that I still have not forgotten but lost track of him. Then I found him on Carolla's podcast and that led me here. In the past year, I've saved several episodes because they make me laugh so much every time I relisten to them and I know all the funny parts by heart now. I'm not a big fan of the Sunday Paper podcast but those seem to be going away.
With certain podcasts you don't listen if you don't recognize the name, but Greg literally interviewed a teacher from Colorado and made it interesting. The teacher was funny too but this is a testament to gregs ability to just casually chat
Greg is a deep down good guy. Mistaken in his socialist idealologies, but like able none the less. I'm waiting to see how many refugees he houses or invites to live in his expensive rental house. He also hates viable fetuses for some reason. Entertaining but not enlightened.
One of the best!
Love the interviews


By spshlad
vietnam????? korea you twits! speak of what you know!!! sure, more important that you discover how many holes you have. including the ones in your head???
Been a huge fan of Greg since I was a kid. I was very excited to see that he had started his podcast (hear him all the time on Joe Rohan Experience). The podcast is terrific. Keep up the good work, sir!!
Just a fun thing to listen to
Fitzdog is funny on other people's radio shows for sure but on his own, the political talk is so ridiculous it's hard to come up with an analogy to describe it. Like listening to Barbara Streisand talk politics?
I've listened from the beginning and Greg's become a terrific interviewer - he comes prepared but because he listens to his guest the conversation evolves organically. I know the podcast world is full of comedians - without comedians I don't think podcasting would have ever grown to where it is now but Greg's conversations are always unique. He says he has no brand but I disagree - this is the modern guy figuring out his place in the world - an involved dad who reads self help books and a masturbating sometimes crass guy who makes provacative statements that push boundaries. He doesn't let his audience get to comfortable with thinking they 'know' him because there's no easy definition for what it is to be masculine any more. He's navigating our culture like Mario trying to find his way out of the game. Never going to far in one direction before hitting a wall and trying something new. He's a favorite
Can't stop listening. Greg always has great guests, but even if he was interviewing a rock, it would be interesting, fun & funny. P.S. I'm completely out of your demo (female, over, let's say 30, etc.) but still love your show
My favorite podcast. I look forward to every single episode. I've loved Fitzsimmons since I heard him on Stern more than a decade ago and that hasn't changed since. Every episode is great.
Global warmist.
Not funny, worst pod I've ever heard. Carolla got me to listen, first time being done wrong by him.
You were always one of my favorite guests on Carolla (had to stop listening as his angry right rants increased). Love this show. You're real and honest which is hard to find! Love the Scott Aukerman interview.
Great interviews and talk. Surprised it's not on itunes top rated!
I always listen right when it comes out. Relaxing yet insightful. A perfect walking or driving podcast.
Grapefruit Simmons does it again . Love the podcast . Sunday papers are great addition .
Greg is a great interviewer. Even if I don't know who the guest is after I'm done listening I find myself looking them up to see things they've done. One of my top pods!
Greg Fitzsimmons don't you dare listen to these fools who have given you one star reviews. You make my week better. I think you are hilarious, quick witted, and you have a great laugh! Don't change a thing buddy. This is the only podcast that has brought me to tears from laughing so hard!!
I listen every week and look forward to every one. Thanks for the laughs and great interviews!
I love you but I go to run FIVE STAR POD