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I can always count on these guys to bring me news on the latest and greatest games every week. Keep it up!
What makes Connectivity so great is its variety. Episodes are broken into multiple subjects (oftentimes very disparate, but typically at least tangentially related to Nintendo) with a large, rotating cast. Scott is a great host/narrator thanks to his chill disposition and diplomatic conversation wrangling. Recommended.
TJ Spyke from the forums. I love the show, especially Zach (the best host of the show). The NWR Jeopardy and Who Wants to be a Nintendoaire? segments are funny and the show is really good for Nintendo news.
I'm so thankful for the great Nintendo podcasts out there, and this is one of them.


By Sunij
It's a good podcast for the nwr podcast line an their view of video games as an whole is new also with a old mind
For a Nintendo themed podcast, They really hate and don't know much about nintendo. Wish they were more informed about the games and history of the company. Listen to the Standard NWR podcast instead.
I've been listening to NWR Connectivity from the first episode and believe that this is the best out of all the NIntendo World Report podcasts.
This has the grandeur and proffesionalism of Radio Free Nintendo, but with smaller, more digestable segments. As a result, some things like news can feel a little skimmed, but the big discussions about whatever (Mario Kart this week, Shadow of the Colossus and Ico the next, Hockey the one after) feel great and are well-said.
I am a new listener to this podcast and face it. It's amazing I started listenning when the Newscast had it's last couple episodes. The Jeporady segment is amazing and doesn't get any better. Jeporady is not on every week but I always look foward it. Keep up the great work guys!!!
It's not easy to find really good Nintendo based podcasts but this is one I really enjoy.
Connectivity (along with sister podcasts RFN and the Famicast) are a must listen for any Nintendo fan. These podcasts keep you up to date on the news but also have great in-depth coverage of Nintendo's past (like the Mariokart retrospective). You get great insight from the commentators and unlike other podcasts there is a world touch as well with editors from Europe, Japan, Australia and America. If you want to know what is truly going on in the World of Nintendo this family of podcasts are the ones to listen to. However, they are not just ignorant fanboys. They also play and discuss the other systems routinely on their shows. Everyone should give them a listen. You won't be disappointed.
Fantastic companion piece to the wonderful NWR podcasts. The new format is awesome, and allows for a lot of interesting discussion, keep up the good work guys.
NWR Connetivity is a great mix of interesting topics that altoghter makes a great listening experiance.
There are few Nintendo related podcast that exist. At times NWR Newscast can be entertaining but at times it's very hard to listen to. The cast members constantly talk over each other. Volumes of certain members are to loud in relation to others. Then some members can simply be jerks and somewhat insulting. Sure it's done under the label of teasing but I don't think so. Thankfully as of July 2011 one those members is actually leaving the show. The show in general is far below the RFN podcast that NintendoWorldReport also produces when it comes to professionalism and quality. The difference in quality between the two is massive to the point it's hard to believe NWR Newscast is coming from the same website.
Always enjoy listening to new shows. Great cast and lots of good news. I get lots of weird looks at work while listening to this show because of laughing out loud.
Let's see, the crew is funny and their disscusions are always intresting. I think that's a pretty good reason to subscribe.
NWR has the best video game podcasts. Great information, along with excellent chemistry between eachother make all of the shows they do the cream of the crop. Newscast still has a few kinks (don't forget to say the name of the game your talking about guys!!) but it's young and getting better and better every week. Over all great job and keep up the good work!!
This is a wonderful addition to the two other great podcasts that NWR has out there. I enjoy hearing different views, and a different cast than the regular Radio Free Nintendo. Great Job guys, you are keeping the bar high.
At first I didn't like it, but the chemistry of the crew is really starting to meld and become an good show.


I enjoy the premise of the, "what you been reviewing" section. The current lineup is good, I would stick with the three as opposed to adding another host. Why not five stars? I can't help but feel that the podcast is a little redundant in its current form. Most major news is discussed on RFN, and with the addition of the what you been reviewing the podcast is almost just like RFN with mail swapped with news. Still, the podcast is enjoyable and that redundancy doesn't detract from its other merits.
I enjoy listening to this everytime you put it up. It's good to hear a different crew from nintendo world report, yo.