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New episodes are rarely uploaded. Most likely due to the lack of interest by one of the hosts.


By jimcu
Look forward to every show. Want more.
Big fan of these two guys and anything BOAD related!


By Mitri_
Great podcast! Very entertaining.
Dallas, TX checking in! I have been listening to Tech411 since the very beginning and love the show! However, in the last few episodes, I have noticed that Todd seems to slur his speech at times, and I just can't get past it. I don't know if he is drunk, or if I am just being crazy. Either way, much love for you ToMo; hope you're doing great, and I am crazy.
The only reason I gave you. 4 star is that at times with scheduling it's tough to keep up on the tech stuff and I hear it on other apps or radio shows. Also if your female radio host you guys use to have could come back and fill in or join you guys more if she is in town that was always a plus. If I'm wrong about that sorry I just thought back in the beginning you use to have a third person on the show.
Was Todd Tired or hammered?????????
OK, so this is not TWIT, just so much fun to listen to - and I love it when Todd gives Oscar a hard time. Sorry Oscar. The SERIAL spoof was…… AMAZING! Don’t miss this one, folks! Seriously!
Two guys talking about tech stuff without all the "tech talk" It's smart, fun, and funny. Todd and Oscar are the perfect duo for this kibd of show
Great source for the latest in the tech world with a bunch of great humor thrown in.
Great show
Big O and Tomo know what the deal is on all things tech. Listen closely.
I dig the show even though I don't use Apple products. These dudes are sweet.
2 gun shots and a microphone! Tech and entertainment... or entertaining tech... Great show! Best episode so far back from CES. This is an 8k show with just enough curve for 3D entertainment!
It's shape nicely cups my hiney.
Great content, humor, info and education. Five out of five gun shots.
Did you know there was an 8k TV at CES? Did you know that LG's peddling another curved phone? Did you know home security and Bluetooth technology are walking hand in hand? Listen to Tech 411 and learn about this and more... A+ podcast! 2x please...:)
The number one benefit of information technology is that it empowers people to do what they want to do. It lets people be creative. It lets people be productive. It lets people learn things they didn't think they could learn before, and so in a sense it is all about potential. Steve Ballmer Thought this quote summed up the show. I can hear Oscar trying to quote this but butchering it really bad. I enjoy the apps of the week segment, to bad Tomo was to hungover from CES to have one ready for the last show... Boom Bam!
Where jack Daniels and tech meet. Love the show great updates on tech apps everything current. Funny and brilliant.
I love love love everything Oscar does and Tech 411 is no exception. I often find that I am repeating things I have heard on the show to people. Todd is informative about a lot things and the interaction between the two of them is "AMAZING ".
The only Tech show I can listen to. Just the right mix of tech news and additude.
two guys who really understand what nerds crave.
Great info and laughs. I enjoy the inside app developer info from the White Noise empire.


By cmdace
Love to see you guys back and better than ever. Keep it up. Just like the pitsa keep on trucking!
Best Tech podcast out there. Love the app of the week segment!
I've listened since number 1 and love the show. The addition of "Girl" has been welcome and it is fascinating to hear about Todd and TMSoft as they become more and more successful (get White Noise Pro and Compulsive now!). As one of the regular "three listeners", I look for the show every week. Oscar brings a great everyman tech-lover point of view and the show is best when the guys just hang and talk. Keep up the good work guys!
Great info, good personalities, get the info without getting lost in the geek-speak.
Great show! I look forward to every show they do. Very knowledgeable and enthusiastic.
Oscar and Todd know what they are talking about and the flow of the show is great. Thanks guys.
Inside info and laughs at the sometime
I'm not good at technical things, let alone staying current on what's out there. Tech 411 highlights the latest and greatest or cutting edge tech stuff, and explains it in a way that is easy to understand and entertainin. I genuinely like listening to the show, and it's only 30 minutes, so I don't fee like I'm getting a brain over-load. Check it out.
A good tech show ruined by a stupid token female and Oscars constant desire to extract money any way he can. Heres a suggestion Oscar, worry about content not my wallet.
This is generally a good, solid podcast, with some good information, but there _are_ rare times when I find that I'm wishing that they would check their facts a little better. That said, 95% of the time, I'm finding their information to be right-on and useful. More Girl; she's a sharp and useful addition to this duo.
Need to stay on top of tech developments for work? This is the podcast for you!
Smart and funny, love the show.
Good stuff from this show, info on tech, apps, development, even marketing. Great 30 min podcast for your lunch break.

By JYH85
Very informative for tech noobs
Todd and Oscar (The Mike O'Meara Show and Big O and Dukes Podcast) present the latest info on everything tech. Their chemistry brings you info that would normally be dry and boring in an entertaining format. Whether you are a novice or expert try this one, you won't be disappointed!
Oscar and Todd do a great job of keeping on top of the tech world, and explaining it in a clear manner. I'm pretty tech savvy myself, but they manage to find stories going on in the tech world that I haven't heard about. They end each show with an App of the Week, and I've actually taken to using some of them myself. They almost always keep the show on track and on topic, and it's always a lot of fun.
Although more geared toward apple products, it's a tight show. Not too long & entertaining. Definitly worth subscribing
Very helpful tech show in a brief format - much appreciated
Tech news applicable to everyone; concise; pithy; dang good. Pro broadcast!


Not realy a tech guy, but I listen every week. Very entertaining and informitave.
Best Tech Show out there! Entertaining and informative
No matter how much you think you've got all your tech needs covered, there's always something new to learn. Great show, pleasant hosts, but not TOO nerdy
These guys are great. One of the few podcasts I subscribe to.
Download this and laugh and learn!!!
Love the horrible humor and the great tech info...Keep Oscar slaving the Dragon!! Subscribe to this Podcast