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Reviews For PSI-FI Radio Network

This show has gone from ok to downright terrible. Especially with Sharon & husband. Constant cackling, interrupting guests, all the hosts seem to be interviewing each other mostly. Hosts talk over guests on a consistent basis. Call in's are more close friends who win everything, never has it been a stranger. Don't waste your time as their are other shows that give better quality than this. I'm only giving it a 1 star because no option for 0 stars.
Mumbling "Wow..." after every single thing your guest says does not make for an engaging podcast. You comes across as ill-prepared and amateurish. Please do your homework and have some of idea of what your guest is about.
I've been listening to podcast's, primarily in the paranormal field for years, now that there's so many, you have to weed out the one's that's not so hot! Psi-Fi, however, let's any guest tell their story, opinions, etc, while they nor anyone else may not agree (or may), they get a chance to say their say!..Besides that tho, the guests are awesome, Donna Stewart is just a delight... Never too serious, or just too funny, but a wonderful combo of both, they're more like a family to me! Check em out!