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Usually when I write a review I like to quibble a bit about the content after glowing about the podcast in general. Not here. discussions of big sport stories-done. stories about individual athletes-yep. Want to hear discussions of women’s sports-they do that. Cutting edge trends-of course. Intersection between sports and society-you know they do. Get interesting guests with diverse points of view-“boom goes the dynamite”. And as an added bonus: they bring smarts and they bring healing helpings of the funny. I ran my first marathon this year. So, with all this to recommend it, it is probably no surprised is that hang up and listen played a prominent role on my training. I will be grateful for the funny and thought provoking discussions that got me through some of those tough miles the summer. Thanks for being their.
...long time listener. Love the podcast! But why doesn’t Stefan’s bioblurb end with “...and the cult minor league baseball classic ‘Wild and Outside’?” Speaking of sad middle aged men, I’m pretty sure I “liked” one of Stefan’s Tiger Tweets.
This show has kind of sucked since Pesca left. It’s become too political for me. I know we live in the time of Trump, and everyone wants to hail Trump as king or call him the devil. But, I just don’t want that political pandering stuff in sports coverage. Just one dude, know it doesn’t make a difference, but I’ll be unsubscribing. Best wishes in the future.
Smart people talking intelligently about sports and the broader culture in which it exists. It doesn’t shy away from politics and controversy. Interesting guest contributors often join Josh and Stefan. Hang Up and Listen is what I’ve wanted to say to sports talk radio callers for more than a decade. That or Shut Up and Listen.
Mike’s takes are a breath of fresh air — even when they are wrong! (Not often :-)
Not hacky like so much other sport talk; however, slightly less wacky without Pesca. Still, a great, well done and consistent podcast on sports! Well done and keep’em coming
This is the best sports podcast. Funny, intelligent, insightful, they cover many topics beyond football, baseball, and basketball.
Great non-hot-takey smart sports show!
Pro Scholarly takes on current sports events Lefty slant on labor & race issues Guests curated for originality and intelligence Con Too judgy and quick to criticize alternative views Josh is sensitive, defensive when contradicted NYC bias supporting favorite teams
love the show, great takes and perspectives, a must listen for me every week.
This is my favorite sports pod. The hosts are entertaining and present stories from perspectives that are hard to find elsewhere. They also bring in a wide diversity of other voices to help mine the depth of the stories. Remember Zelmo Beaty.
Without a doubt the best sports podcast out there because they take interesting angles on popular stories, bring in unusual and diverse guests and are always digging up fascinating details for the Afterballs. Thanks guys!
Best sports podcast going! Josh and Stefan are extremely knowledgable, have interesting guess and are very entertaining. We look forward to listening every week!
Covering all sports, this show offers a considered & well-reasoned perspective on what happens on the court, the field, the pitch, etc.
I’m not a huge sports fan, but always enjoy the topics and discussion.
Look I get it, sometimes we all need a little Stephen A Smith in our lives, staring angrily at us while he explains that a player did a bad thing and he should feel bad about it. But when I want a change of pace - I love the different mix of topics that really focus on what’s fun and amazing and important in the world of sports. I enjoy playing, watching, and talking about sports more since I started listening to this - and I think you will too.
I only listen to one sports podcast and I've been doing so every week for the past six years-- Hangup and Listen. Such a wonderful counterpoint to ESPN Sportscenter blather and similar highlight shows. Nice to ocasionally hear about sports I don't follow on a regular basis such as ice hockey and soccer. Done with insight and humor and with excellent guests.
And they include a diverse array of guests (as in voices typically underrepresented in sports talk).
As a consumer of a wide swath of sports podcasts (The Ringer, Effectively Wild, Dunc'd On, The Starters) this is by far my favorite. Stefan and Josh cover everything for the major sports stories to more obscure narrative. They do a good job of covering the crossover between sports and poltitics. Would highly reccomend to sports fans, as well as any fan of Slate's other podcasts (SPG, etc.)
So I'm not a real sports fan but I married one which means I'm around a lot of ESPN and Washington Wizards coverage. The most recent addition to my marital sports regimen is listening to one of two of my husband's favorite podcasts, Hang Up and Listen. Now I actually listen to it when he is out of town because it is that good. It doesn't really matter what subjects they cover, they end up grabbing my interest and give me history and perspectives that I wouldn't ordinarily be exposed to. I thoroughly enjoy it!
In about 60 minutes, Stefan and Josh catch me up on everything important from the week in sports, make me smarter, and give me a reason to laugh out loud. Their stories surprise — who knew the Rockets GM loves musical theatre?? — and their analysis is incisive, though they manage to not take themselves too seriously. Hang Up and Listen gives me a reason to look forward to Mondays, and that says a lot.
Love you guys
I have been listening to Hangup for years. It is a wonderful podcast for the intelligent sports fan. They cover the whole spectrum of sports. Thanks, Josh and Stefan! Keep up the great work.
A really terrific sports show that doesn’t settle for (and openly expresses its hatred towards) short-sighted hot takes. The perfect antidote to the empty sports coverage that dominates sports media lately.
Love this show, I have to listen to it every week.
I’ve been listening to Hang Up & Listen for the 2010s. I continue to listen because the show provides insight about a variety of sports that goes beyond recaps and baseless predictions. Josh Levin is a national treasure. He’s hilarious and is able to call B.S. on various sports tropes.
Generally I really like this podcast and have been listening for years. However, I'm really frustrated that they can talk week after week and week about the NBA playoffs and barely have one segment for the NHL playoffs. VERY DISAPPOINTING that for the second year in a row they barely mention the Stanley Cup and this year it had almost as much to do with making fun of the opening at the Capital One center compared to the Golden Knights opening ceremonies.
A sports podcast that includes a tribute to Tom Wolfe? That takes soccer and women’s sports seriously? That doesn’t make you feel dumber when you’ve listened to an episode? Count me in!
I'm a New Yorker, so you KNOW I'm listening to the best sports talk in the world, from Steve Summers and Mike Francessa and Joe Boningo on the WFAN to Michael Kay and Stephen K Swmith on ESPN Radio, etc. But, these guys are nothing like that. They come at things historically, noting changes and trends and inside baseball kind of stats. My favorite show, and there are many (probably listening to them since I got my stitcher app, 7 years ago?). Mike Pesca, was the third voice, and was always stirring things up but he recently left to do his Spiel podcast which is also really really good). Stefan and Josh are super and are carrying the extra load beautifully (in fact it may even be a smoother show now). I love it when Stephen brings in his stories about scrabble (he's written a book about playing competitive scrabble!) or trying out for the Broncoes. Josh often gets in that he is from the South, but he is anything but a good old boy. Granted, they sometimes get into sports that I have no interest in. But, that's half the fun of the show. When they get at the guts of the PEOPLE in those sports and so, it's invariably entertaining and you always learn something. My all time favorite episode when they interviewed the high school football coach who NEVER punts (well, not exactly true, he would punt at his 40 - 50 if he didn't get a first) and has this tremendous record. Be cool to do a followup on that story, is he still winning? hmmmmmm...
Great way to spend Monday commute. Like the skeptical, no room for flattery attitude.
For nearly a decade Hang Up and Listen has been the most thoughtful and entertaining sports podcast out there. Always look forward to a new one.
I've been listening to HU&L for several years and here's the thing to know about this show: These guys aren't dude-bros sharing hot takes and high fives. But they're not hot-air ESPN-style him-bots spewing banal "analysis" either. They're top-drawer journalists with curiosity and wry humor that always put sports in a broader perspective. They're also able to attract great guests. Yeah, I miss Pesca too. But Josh and Stefon are terrific. Long may they wave
This is the best sports podcast around! That's right, it's FAR superior to the Orvis Fly Fishing Podcast. Subscribe now and remember Zelmo Beaty
These guys cover it all. From NBA Finals to cheating scandals at the highest level of bridge tournaments, their angles and topics are always interesting. Recommended even for the most casual of sports fan. Fresh, funny, insightful...I look forward to each week's episode.
Have been listening for awhile. You requested a review so here it is: great show listen early and often.
And I only do... It’s great, I can keep up with the basics, but also learn to love the philosophical meanings of sports, past and present, through Hang Up And Listen. Plus, it just reacquaints us with the ever-more stratified nature of human competition and, yes, exaltation. Whatever that means.
Stephan and Josh have the best sports show there is. Don't bother listening are reading from their riff-raff competitors
I listen to this every week. Definitely a great complement to more traditional sports shows.
After trying so many sports podcasts I finally found my favorite. The best one out there.
I look forward to this podcast more than any other in the universe. Smart talk, every week.
Never miss a week! Always entertaining, great topics and guests. I’ve been listening from the beginning and I love it. Remember Zelmo Beaty!
An antidote to all things Skip Bayless. Intelligent takes on sports and sports media.
If drive time hosts were smart
I am always entertained and informed by this podcast and I am old enough to remember Zelmo Beaty
Love the soccer talk. Always good angles on different subject matter. Great chat show.
Fun to hear the evolution of the show. Sports for all!