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I’ve been listening to your podcast for a short period of time.....about 3 months....BUT one of the beauties of podcasts is that I can listen to your old shows! I love the banter and irreverence mixed in with tips and information I probably would not find anywhere else. Keep it up!
I am new to the travel blog scene, but have thoroughly enjoyed this weekly show. The host are very informative and constantly travel to new destinations where they conduct interviews of other experienced travelers. I have been listening non-stop to this blog for weeks now and picked up some incredible tips for international travel as well as money saving tips for national travel. My family and I are novice explorers so we appreciate all of the new places highlighted in the weekly show. One of my favorite parts of the show is the section where the host or their guest share one of their newly found sources (websites, travel tips, freebies). I am not kidding when I say I cannot get enough of this format of a blog! Keep up the good work. -Gary
This is the best podcast ever. Only thing i wish they were on more often.
Very funy conversation and entertaining updates on the latest and greatest on travel. They helped me choose which cell phone to buy!
I am a travel nerd. Finding this show is like going to heaven. The hosts are so professional, have the most amazing experiences and have great chemistry. It is a joy to listen to.
Between the pauses that stretch long enough to notice, there exists the conversation of people who seem to know each other and genuinely respect their co-hosts accomplishments. The real-time banter (and utter lack of editing) is perfect background chatter to allow the mind to drift through the concept of travel. That takes up 90-95% of the podcast, the remaining 5-10% has actual information. The hosts seem to be knowledgeable, perhaps a bit jaded and they all seem to be accomplished in travel, though what those accomplishments are beyond actually going places, are not mentioned. It can be annoyingly frustrating. A recent podcast was almost 2 hours long from a convention. The interviews were useful, if a bit lacking in depth, but interesting enough to encourage research. What would make this podcast better would be A-editing- splicing out the long pauses, the useless rambling B- sound quality typically is terrible, the audio comes across as if it is being recorded from secondary sources- holding a microphone to a speaker - C- an itinerary, ironic that a podcast about travel rambles around like a tourist with a map and a suitcase in a foreign city - the introduction could be streamlined, the content could be condensed, and the utility could be better managed. Again these are clearly knowledgeable professionals, I was hoping for more of that knowledge and less bon temps reminiscing. The 6-7 podcasts I've listened to have provided very little of that.
Recently it seems all to often the podcast turns away from the stated purpose "This week in travel" to instead talk about "How to write a travel blog, make money from that blog, and get more attention". Sorry, but listening to a group of bloggers talk about how to blog has nothing to do about travel. The target audience for travel talk is much larger than the target audience for how to write a travel blog. Too bad the talk is often about the subject of blogging.
Love Chris and Jen and Gary (when he's on) and the guests they bring in. Great banter, great travel tips. They started forgoing the news stories a while back, and I hope they'll return to doing those; I'd prefer to hear more of those and a little shorter interview with the guest; but with that said, it's an EXCELLENT podcast! Highly recommended.
Casual conversation, current travel news, and always handy tips! I look forward to each episode.
The chemistry of the hosts makes the show. They're all in different travel, career, and family situations so you get a different take from at least three different views. They really feed off one another, and are hilarious. I really enjoy that they discuss not only travel itself, but also the travel industry. The only way they could improve is to come out with new shows more often - at least try to stick with the name and make them weekly.
Please find another co-host! I can no longer stomach he uneducated interrupting of anyone trying to make a point or give some information to complain about how she didn't get an upgrade on he last flight. She is the reason I am dropping my subscription.
I have been listening for more than a year and wouldn't miss a podcast. The chemistry of Gary, Chris and Jen is excellent and their guests add even more knowledge to the mix. Nice blend of humor and travel information. I also listen to Chris' Amateur Traveler. Both podcasts are excellent and a must for those who like to travel or just dream about world destinations.
A little rough around the edges but a heart of gold. Usually and interesting insight into what is happening in travel.
This trio are at the top of their games in the online travel community. Yes, the podcast is rough around the edges, but that is in sync with the personalities and the fact that at least one of them is usually recording from some remote place in the world! They find the news, get it out there for us in one place, and even provide links in the show notes. You know that what you hear is what you get and it is a great jumping off place for other travel info, stories, and destinations. If you work or blog in the travel sector, I think this is a must-listen. You will hear about things first and you will get news you otherwise might have missed - with relevant commentary.
I have been listening to this podcast for about a year and some of my initial excitement has waned a little bit. There is a lot of great travel news, tips and info here. They get some great guest, including Spud Hilton from the SF Chronicle and other travel writers. There are a couple of downsides which may prevent some from listening to this podcast. The biggest frustration for me is that one of the hosts insists on typing on their computer while recording the show. The background typing noise is very distracting and makes it difficult to tolerate at times. I am sure it annoys the other hosts, but they seem too nice to make an issue of it. The 2nd frustration is that the conversation often drifts into the three hosts talking at length about the travel blogging/writing industry. I could see how listeners expecting to talk about traveling would find it frustrating to have to listen to 15-20 minutes of "inside baseball" about being a travel writer in order to hear about the news, tips and recommendations.
I'm not usually a negative person, but I just can't stomach Jen Leo. She's not prepared to accurately discuss - even her picks. She flips and flaps trying to stall for time when finding a site, a fact or a name. She talks over the others and doesn't listen to what's already been said, embarrassing herself. Gary and Chris are great and the guests are fascinating. I must admit that I don't know what current episodes are like. I recently found the podcast and catching up, but just can't get past episode 17. I'm giving up and deleting. That makes me sad because I really like Gary's and Chris' perspectives along with nearly every guest. Production quality could be improved. Chris' audio is outstanding, Gary's and Jen's are adequate.
I've been listening for close to a year now and have been very satisfied by T-WIT. Chris has a great radio voice and sense of humor and Jen is incredibly entertaining. Gary has an excellent knowledge of both travel trivia and cultural tidbits. Of course, I cannot praise without some constructive criticism: (1) too much on-air typing and (2) JD Andrews was hilarious, but Gary seemed to get a little sick of his jokes...lighten up, Gary! Keep up the good work. You guys have a nice range of guests from the various nooks of the industry.
After that last review i think it would be best to call the site "that last week of travel"
I was looking for a travel app which reports and gives analysis on travel news. I found it.
This won't necessarily talk about places, but it will update you on the news of the travel industry from regular travelers. I look forward to it each week - especially the guests!
I'm obviously biased, but This Week In Travel has been a joy to create. Chris and Jen are great co-hosts and we have had the pleasure of having some wonderful guests on the show.
I recently found the show and it has become one of my top podcasts. If you are involved with travel in any way, this show will inform and entertain you. There are always little nuggets to learn from the show´s host and rotating guest. Check it out.
This is absolutely my favorite podcast (and I subscribe to quite a few) - anyone who is in the travel industry, writes or blogs about travel, or is even thinking about traveling, will enjoy it. Hosts Chris Christensen, Gary Arndt, and Jen Leo dig up and discuss the week's most offbeat stories from the world of travel, feature a guest from the travel industry (including those who write/blog about it), and offer up some interesting and often useful tidbit and resources. Definitely worth subscribing to!
It's so easy to forget, when you're listening to this podcast, that you're not sitting around a table or at the bar with the people who are talking. I often find myself interjecting in their conversations, only to remember that they cannot, in fact, hear me. It's easy-going, fun, and funny - and still informative and useful for the traveler and travel writer.
These guys have great travel information and tips but need more editing and hosts need to stop interrupting each other. Feels a bit awkward at times.
Amateur broadcasters yakking among themselves, and some particularly tedious commentary from an obscure travel industry show. In another segment, one of the hosts actually referred to Tibet as TYE - bet. Don't bother with this one.
TWITravel is what I wanted to listen to but didn't know it: a 1-hour travel round-up with actual news, personality, tips and suggestions, from people who actually travel. Highly enjoyable; I recommend it to anyone interested in travel podcasts.
This is a great podcast to get the lastest general travel information. It doesn't cover a particular destination which is a nice change from all the over travel podcast. The roundtable of travel experts are entertaining and informative. Their tips at the end of each segment are very helpful. Thanks and keep up the good work!
There are 4 great contributors to this podcast and a good range travel topics covered, hence the 4 start rating. I do think that it would be improved with some editing to get to a more a succinct delivery for each show. As each podcast is nearly and hour I do think that breaking the shows into 30 minute segments, covering less topics per show would increase engagement. Overall the podcasts are a good review of current issues and packed with helpful tips from very knowledgeable experts.
I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the first two episodes of this podcast. I also listen to Chris Christensen's Amateur Traveler podcast and he is one of this cast, so it was fun to hear more of his opinions and banter with the other show hosts. The hosts seem like a diverse and very well traveled group. They are up on all the latest travel buzz and I really feel like I've gotten all the latest travel info and opinions by listening- it's a really energizing listen. Keep up the good work!
I enjoy hearing this group's take on the headlines of the week. They aren't afraid to share their opinions and cut through the PR and marketing blather. Topics are diverse and audio is very good for a "conference call" style show. I'll be waiting for this one to appear each week.
For those looking to find out what the latest in travel is, this is a great podcast. Gary manages to get some big name people to discuss the latest in travel. Good topics, good audio, funny commentary.