Reviews For Tumbler

This may not be the longest story out there but it is well worth listening to! Awesome story had me hooked in the first episode!
The audiobook world is cluttered with good ideas that suffer from poor writing/editing and poor narration. But this is one of the good ones. A simple storyline, but time-honored and well executed. An enjoyable read.
I'm 1/2 way through and would advise to give it a go
The story of a young woman who is tricked into signing up as an asteroid miner, and how she deals with, and overcomes the challenges of surviving in the hostile environment. The story is fairly well written, with an interesting protagonist, some good supporting characters and an engaging plot. It has some issues, thought. My first gripe is with the supporting cast. They all seem like very one dimensional archetypes, the grizzled miner, the curious young girl, the know-it-all child and the mother figure bar owner. These characters are interesting, and I kept hoping they would be fleshed out and given real personality and character, but that never happened. My second gripe is with the audio quality. The first couple episodes had horrible audio quality, and poor narration. The narration and the audio got better and better as the story went on, but the first two episodes almost made me turn it off and delete it from my ipod.
I found this story to be very entertaining, I was captivated throughout the whole book. Very good writing and reading. I’ve recommended it to friends. Thanks a million.
This was one of my favorite audiobooks. Set in space the story really plays out the story like you are there.
I really enjoyed this take on a spacer mining community. The plot was fast moving, yet deep enough to hold my interest the whole way through. Great job!
This is the story of a young woman who has lost everything, and gambles the last thing she has, her freedom, and looses. It tells of how even with nothing she refuses to give up and along the way finds that she is pretty darn good on her own. This story is clean (Meaning that the rating never wanders above a PG) and will entertain adults as well as being minivan friendly. The story is expertly narrated by Ms. SV Allie, a wonderful choice for the voice of Libby the main character.
Tumbler is an engaging story about a young woman who ends up in the asteroid belt as a miner. She meets many interesting and sympathetic characters and advances from one challenge to the next. She must find herself and where she fits in to be truly happy. The author has written a clear and ingrossing story and the narrator voices a character that is believable and sympathetic. A truly wonderful story.