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I'm a BMW guy and more than that, a "car" guy. Like Gabe, I purchased a 1M Coupe this year and have owned and driven more than a few BMWs. Accordingly, I can attest to the prescient assessments, analysis, insight and reflections of Michael and Gabe. BMW and automotive appreciation is in their DNA. These guys "get it" and importantly know how to "communicate it". A rare talent. My only request is that they guys do the shows more frequently. I know everyone is very busy but this is the oxygen we enthusiasts need.
I enjoyed this show quite a bit. These guys are real enthusiasts, like myself. Unfortunately the sound quality is so bad I had to unsubscribe.
Hosted by two knowledgable and (usually) enthusiastic guys, but they sound as if they are recording in the linen closet. Muffled, echoes, and heavy gets tiring quickly. Which is a shame because otherwise this is a complete and reliable source of BMW info.
Wild speculation about ethanol in fuels, pronouncing marque as "mar•kee" and naturally aspirated as "nationally aspirated". I can overlook these things. We all get lazy and sloppy from time to time, but the episode I listened to, #34, sounded like Gabe was on his deathbed, waiting for that last pint gasoline to leave his veins. We're talking about BMWs here, right? What's sleepy about BMWs? If ever there was a brand to be associated with "energy" it would be BMW, but while the cohost is able to summon a few calories for presentation duty, Gabe spends more than half an hour sounding like pillow talk. The end of a long, hard day, he's in bed waiting to go to sleep, "mmm... shifters... fuel injection... mmm... Ecks-Three.... mmm five-series.... nationally aspirated... mmm...." What's odd is that he was always able to get excited about the MINI in his White Roof Radio work. I'm going to look for another BMW podcast.
One thing I like about the BimmerFile and the BimmerCast is that they don't just pass along the latest internet rumors. When Gabe and Michael put it out there, they've checked it against more than one source. Unlike some OTHER sites...
No time to write a review, but this is by far the best podcast for those truly interested in BMWs as performance cars. Skip it if you are just proud to show off a new status symbol. This podcast is connoisseurship at it's best.
I've been thinking about getting a BMW and wanted to learn more about the brand. Thanks for the show and making it available on podcast. Very informative. I've been writing down some of your lingo (ie E40, E46, etc) then look it up on google to figure out which type of BMW you're talking about. Keep the shows coming
The same brand of behind the scenes scoops, excellent and accurate reporting, and critial reviews of new products that Gabe helped develop at MotoringFile he brings to Bimmerfile as well with Michael and occasional drop-ins from the whiteroof radio gang. Love the show Gabe and Michael!! Speaking of WRR--if you start listening now go back and listen to the first few minutes of episode #1. I leave it on my Ipod and listen to it probably once every couple of weeks. Makes me laugh every time! --Bill W. in DC
These guys are great. True enthusiasts who have a passion for BMW and can give you an inside scope on the latest news from this brand. If you love BMWs, you will love this podcasts - it is one of my favorites.
Gave great show. M3's are what got me interested in MINIs. If you like White roof radio you will enjoy this show as well.