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Prior to attending Bluewater Mission I was used to people describing sermons as boring at best and observing people mentally (or physically!) check out during them. Pastor Jordan's sermons achieve the opposite effect - people who couldn't quite get to church on time still wanting to at least get there to hear the sermon, and people who missed church due to illness, work, or travel making sure to catch up with the podcasts. Many of the sermons are worth listening to multiple times! Highly recommended - but only if you're wanting the Holy Spirit to disrupt your life, grow your relationship with Him, and challenge you to live a Kingdom life!
None of this pharisee, holy mumbo jumbo. Jordan's sermons are practical tips for dealing effectively with real life issues. I understand the scriptural parallels and life application immediately in plain English with a bit of humor and modern wit for effect. Look forward to tuning in every week from Sydney, Australia. Well done!
Profound & yet conveyed in simple terms. Learn about how much God truly loves you, about how to hear God's voice, & how to impart God's love to others. Jordan is incredibly intelligent but speaks solely relying on the Holy Spirit & he has a great sense of humor. A fun way to experience God!